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Meet the Makers

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the talented designers and makers of Great Britain, whose beautiful, handmade furniture and accessories feature in the Author collections.

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The team at Alexander Joseph create decorative cordless table lamps that have been designed by some of the UK's finest artists and product designers.

Alexander Joseph

In her Suffolk studio, Alice-Andrea Ewing casts gorgeous bronzes from natural specimens such as apples and pears.

Alice-Andrea Ewing

Beautiful handmade stoneware pieces by Ana Kerin in her KANA London studio in East London.

Ana Kerin

Anne Morrison creates her gorgeous pieces in the West Coast of Scotland.

Anne Morrison

Another Country designs and makes contemporary craft furniture and accessories.

Another Country

The Cappa E Spada team hand build their high quality tables, lamps and cushions in their workshop in Liverpool.

Anthony William Parry

Araminta Campbell’s collection of exquisite throws are made in Britain from beautifully soft British alpaca wool sourced from small farms around the UK.

Araminta Campbell

From their workshop in Stirling, this husband and wife design duo create the most stunning and unique lamps.

Art Futuro

We design and commission our own exclusive range of high quality pieces in addition to the stunning furniture and furnishings we've sourced from contemporary artists and makers.


AVA INNES make high quality, luxury bedding products made in Scotland and Yorkshire, using the finest Scottish cashmere and the dream blend of cashmere guard hair and wool, encased in organic cotton, in their duvets and pillows.


Furniture maker, Aymeric Renoud, handcrafts furniture in his Dundee workshop with a new material he has created called draff that is creatively made from local brewery and distillery waste. 

Aymeric Renoud

Begg & Co ingeniously handcraft luxury cashmere wraps, scarves and throws using only the finest cashmere, silk and lambswool angora yarns.

Begg & Co

Furniture maker Ben Tcharny hand crafts his beautiful line of tables and seating in his South London workshop.

Ben Tcharny

The skilled metalworkers at Blackbird Bespoke handcraft the most stunning lamps, mirrors, tables and seating in their central London workshop.

Blackbird Bespoke

The richly coloured and patterned wallpapers and fabrics from Blackpop are an anarchic mash-up of past, present and future, ransacking art history to invent classic themes for the 21st century.


Bryony Knox is a talented silversmith designs beautiful sculptures with a twist.

Bryony Knox

Mallon Foundry in Co. Tyrone is the family home and workshop of talented sculptor, Charlie Mallon.

Charlie Mallon

Ceramists and twin sisters, Claire and Karen Gibson, make their gorgeous, nature inspired ceramic pieces in their Red Earth Designs Studio in Northern Ireland.

Claire and Karen Gibson

Claire is a metal and silversmith who creates beautiful sculptures from recycled silver and metal in her studio in rural Herefordshire. 

Claire Malet

These luxury scented candles by Cocomoon are made from palm, soy and paraffin free, coconut wax.

Cocomoon Candles

The award-winning company, Cocovara Lighting, handcraft stunning luxury lighting in Britain.

Cocovara Lighting

The renowned Cole & Son have provided wallpapers for many historic houses such as Buckingham Palace and the White House. 

Cole & Son

Cumbria Crystal uphold their distinguished heritage in producing the highest quality crystal and glassware.

Cumbria Crystal

Daniel and Sarah Bullen-Webb of Iluka London create gorgeous lamps, tables and sculptures using timber, acrylic and resin.

Daniel and Sarah Bullen-Webb

Fosbery Studio is a contemporary decorative lighting brand based in Folkestone, Kent.

Daniel Fosbery

Award-winning Scottish artist, David Schofield, creates his stunning paintings at Coburg Art Studios in Edinburgh.

David Schofield

David Watson is an award-winning furniture maker whose designs are influenced by geometric motifs.

David Watson

Dovedale Design Studio strives to source local materials and collaborate with British craftsmen to create contemporary products that meet the expectation of the most discerning collector.

Dovedale Design Studio

Stunning bespoke glass pieces created using traditional glassblowing techniques by Elin Isaksson.

Elin Isaksson

Elizabeth Smallman of Mountain & Molehill uses Victorian illustrations to create her gorgeous, lampshades, paper weights and hand-finished prints in her London studio.

Elizabeth Smallman

Elvis & Kresse make zero waste homeware and gifting pieces from reclaimed leather and decommissioned firehose in Kent.

Elvis & Kresse

From her Berkshire studio, Emma Alington creates the most stunning bone china bowls and plates.

Emma Alington

Emma Chesterman of Dead Mary's handcrafts and turns beautiful wooden and concrete furniture in her London workshop.

Emma Chesterman

EvA Bespoke is a textile studio collaboration between print designer Amelia Graham and embroiderer Ellie Macdonald.

EvA Bespoke

Based in Ross on Whye, Herefordshire, Fritz Fryer Lighting are a close knit team of lighting specialists that design and make their designs in the UK.

Fritz Fryer Lighting

Using only natural ingredients, Gail Bryden makes these most gorgeous herbal teas, soaps and other wellbeing products.

Gail Bryden

Galvin Brothers have been expertly designing and handcrafting furniture in their workshops in England since 2012.

Galvin Brothers

Giles Lawson Johnston is an established crystal glass engraver who engraves his stunning pieces in his studio in Scotland.

Giles Lawson Johnston

Hannah Williams Studio is a bespoke material design company that specialises in handmade marbled silicone products in Britain.

Hannah Williams

Award-winning architectural and interior leatherworkers, Harcourt London.

Harcourt London

Harry Morgan is an artist and designer who is known for his marrying of materials such as concrete, metal and glass into stunning artwork and sculptures.

Harry Morgan

Hatti Pattisson is an extremely talented artist and textile designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Hatti Pattisson

Hugh Parsons' work combines a raw, element aesthetic with exquisite craftsmanship.

Hugh Parsons

Iona Buchanan is a botanically trained illustrator and artist working in Scotland who has adapted her pieces for everyday household items.

Iona Buchanan

Iona Crawford is a Scottish artist and textile designer who creates her stunning, talented designs for fashion and interiors in her Atelier in the West End of Glasgow.

Iona Crawford

Isabelle Moore works with a range of materials from her workshop on the east coast of Scotland.

Isabelle Moore

Isla Keiller creates stunning hand-built vessels using porcelain, resin and metal powder.

Isla Keiller

Founded in 2016 by Robbie Llewellyn and Adam Yeats, J. Adams & Co produce high quality, hand crafted lighting in their factory in Birmingham.

J. Adams & Co

Jacky Puzey is an artist and designer who specialises in digital embroidery, working from her studio in Bristol.

Jacky Puzey

Jake Phipps is an award-winning furniture designer who makes highly engineered and unique pieces from his studio in London and workshop in North Yorkshire. 

Jake Phipps

Jan Lennon hand crafts beautiful furniture with the finest timber in her Somerset-based workshop.

Jan Lennon

Janet Hodcroft of Hevensent creates beautiful wallpapers that are all made in Britain.

Janet Hodcroft

Jen Laughlin designs innovative knitwear for fashion and interiors.

Jen Laughlin

Award-winning sculptor and illustrator, Jennie McCall, creates her beautiful ceramic pieces in her Midlands based studio.

Jennie McCall

Contemporary British ceramics, beautifully made in London by Jo Davies.

Jo Davies

Joe is a traditionally trained cabinet maker whose work has been inspired by the Historic Built Environment.

Joe Ginniff

Johnston's of Elgin have been weaving and knitting their gorgeous textiles in their mill in Scotland for over 200 years.

Johnston’s of Elgin

Jonathon Vaiksaar handcrafts stunning timber boxes in his workshop located in the charming village of Thurstaston on the Wirral Peninsula.

Jonathon Vaiksaar

Artist Joy Gray hand crafts gorgeous wire sculptures in her Northern Ireland studio. 

Joy Gray

Julia Clare Sagias is a Scottish artist and designer who creates beautiful, mood-enhancing wallpapers from her Glasgow-based studio.

Julia Clare Sagias

Katharina Eisenkoeck works in natural materials, including leather and stone, to produce interior pieces with intriguing sculptural qualities.

Katharina Eisenkoeck

Katie Spragg is, in her own words, an ‘artist, ceramicist, illustrator, re-teller of stories and general creator’ who practises in London.

Katie Spragg

Award-winning furniture maker Katie Walker handcrafts beautiful furniture from sustainably sourced wood in her West Sussex studio.

Katie Walker

Kieran Mithani is a leading exponent of beautifully hand-crafted items made to the highest quality of materials, standards and detail.

Kieran Mithani

Kinkatou create wonderful lighting and accessories for the very best in interior design.


Knowles and Christou have been making handmade wallpaper, fabric and printed furniture in Wales since 1992.

Knowles and Christou

Kris Copeland uses the lost wax technique to create thought-provoking bronze sculptures in his Tayside based workshop.

Kris Copeland

Lesley Lockett runs Slated from her workshop in Ayrshire, Scotland. Slated produce beautifully cut slate cheese boards.

Lesley Lockett

Louise Forbes is a designer, woodcarver and gallery owner based in Dundee and Perth.

Louise Forbes

Mairi Helena, a Scottish textile designer and photographer, creates stunning and original designs used in interiors and fashion.

Mairi Helena

From her London-based studio Mandie Beuzeval creates her unique handmade wooden shelving units.

Mandie Beuzeval

Mark Lowe hand crafts beautiful lamps and home accessories from sustainably sourced oak in his Nottingham workshop.

Mark Lowe

Max McCance is a leading exponent of ‘technorganic design’ based in rural Fife.

Max McCance

McRostie have been synonymous with high quality, hand-made leather products from only the finest British materials.


Metalsmith, Melissa Montague, creates the most beautiful pieces from copper, silver and brass in her Sheffield workshop.

Melissa Montague

From her kitchen table, Michelle Porter, of Made On Our Farm, creates natural beauty & bathing products from produce grown on her family's farm and locally sourced produce in Angus, Scotland.

Michelle Porter

Mineheart create classical baroque-styled designs for interiors with a modern twist.


Myer Halliday makes delicate, considered, monochrome, hand-drawn designs on different forms are instantly recognisable.

Myer Halliday

Namon Gaston creates bespoke wooden furniture from his studio in Scotland.

Namon Gaston

Neil Lemaire is a fine and bronze artist who works from his studio and foundry in London.

Neil Lemaire

Patricia Ramaer is an internationally renowned artist and photographer.

Patricia Ramaer

Penny Withers' work explores and pushes the boundaries between thrown work and sculpture.

Penny Withers

PHAT are a British based design studio representing the collaborative work and professional partnership of Claudia Surrage and Christian Cowper. Operating in an array of creative fields, Christian and Claudia’s experience spans from furniture, lighting, and product design to ceramics, jewellery and sculpture.

PHAT Design Studio

Porta Romana is synonymous with beautiful design made to the highest standards across a range of home furnishings and accessories.

Porta Romana

Rachel Fitzpatrick hand crafts the most wonderfully whimsical chandeliers from velcro that bring joy to any room.

Rachel Fitzpatrick

Rachel Holian handcrafts miniature, unique ceramics that have spirit and a sense of unity.

Rachel Holian

Rebecca Phelps makes gorgeous bowls, vessels and jewellery from titanium and eco silver.

Rebecca Phelps

Rebecca Walklett is a skilled metalsmith and designer working from her studio in Cornwall.

Rebecca Walklett

From his studio in Buckinghamshire, Richard Ballantyne handcrafts the most beautiful hare and fox sculptures.

Richard Ballantyne

Maus Interiors are a Manchester-based interior design studio run by Rob Grubisic that focus on ethical and sustainable design and products.

Rob Grubisic

Based in his workshop in Witney, Oxfordshire, designer Roger Nathan creates and produces mind-bending marquetry tables.

Roger Nathan

For over 3 decades, Roger Oates has been designing and manufacturing flooring, fabric and interior products in Britain.

Roger Oates

Sculptor Sam Dalton of Ashleaf London casts gorgeous leaves into bronze at the Crucible Foundry in London.

Sam Dalton

Sarah Cave designs and makes exquisite silverware and jewellery from her own studio and shop in her home town of Blairgowrie, Scotland.

Sarah Cave

Sevin hand pours and makes the most stunning minimalist and contemporary candles.


Simon Day runs Nocturne Workshop,  a small team of specialist craftspeople in Manchester who handcraft stunning lamps to order.

Simon Day

Steve Cook is a designer and maker of beautiful handmade objects in ceramic, wood & sustainable plastic

Steve Cook

Strathearn Stone and Timber have been at the forefront of natural flooring since 2003.

Strathearn Stone and Timber Flooring

Since its inception in the early 1990s, Tom Faulkner has grown into an award-winning and much celebrated creative furniture business.

Tom Faulkner

Tom Trimmins is a woodworker and cabinet-maker working from his Islington workshop.

Tom Trimmins

Vicky Higginson's work combines hot glass and cold-working to create beautiful, unique pieces.

Vicky Higginson

Wax Atelier handcraft gorgeous candles and other luxury home accessories using 100% pure and natural beeswax in their London based workshop.

Wax Atelier

Wayne Galloway is a Scottish potter based in Fife who uses experimental techniques to create his stunning pieces.

Wayne Galloway

Wendy Morrison is a contemporary rug designer based in East Lothian, Scotland.

Wendy Morrison

Wildheart Organics' candles are made with pure, essential oils and no 'nasties' to create the ultimate luxury, mood-enhancing candles.

Wildheart Organics

Will Atkins creates stylish, architecturally-inspired pieces of modern furniture, with an emphasis on recycled materials

Will Atkins

Since 1736, William Clark have been a home of high quality, fine fabric in Northern Ireland.

William Clark

Wool Classics has been at the cutting edge of specialised contemporary floor coverings for more than twenty years.

Wool Classics


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