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Daniel and Sarah Bullen-Webb

Daniel and Sarah Bullen-Webb of Iluka London create gorgeous lamps, tables and sculptures using timber, acrylic and resin.

This husband and wife duo create one of a kind interior pieces.

Daniel (Graphic Designer) and Sarah Bullen-Webb (Interior Designer) share a passion for beautiful design and an inherent desire to create unique, handmade products. Their love for the natural beauty of wood and the endless versatility of acrylic and resin led them to explore the contrasting combination of materials. After years of experimentation using innovative techniques, Iluka London was born.

Iluka means ‘close to the sea’ in Aboriginal and is a coastal town in Australia, where Dan grew up. Much of their wood is also sourced from Australia as it boasts some of the most beautiful in the world. They take pride in producing one-of-a-kind, all hand-made pieces at their workshop just outside London using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Author's Choice

We admire Dan and Sarah's clever technique of preserving beautiful pieces of timber. The natural, rugged nature of the timber juxtaposed with the contrast of the transparent acrylic is masterful and so pleasing. We love that the natural timber is being used as a sculptural object to be enjoyed in a domestic setting in all types of furniture and interior accessories such as small bowls to large coffee tables.

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