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Anthony William Parry

The Cappa E Spada team hand build their high quality tables, lamps and cushions in their workshop in Liverpool.

Woodworker and cabinetmaker, Anthony Parry, is the owner and founder of Cappa E Spada in Liverpool and has a focus on bespoke, handcrafted furniture.

Anthony has always had an interest in design. After completing a furniture design and thereafter a cabinet making course, Anthony put his skills together to create his furniture making business. Cappa E Spada, which translates as 'cloak and dagger' in Italian, is a fitting name for the unique and intriguing pieces Anthony and his team hand build in his workshop. Using PEFC certified wood which guarantees that the wood comes from a responsibly managed forest, as well as using reclaimed English railway sleepers to handcraft their pieces, Cappa E Spada is ensuring that they do their part to create sustainable and eco-friendly design.

Anthony has perfected a method of applying specific artwork to surfaces such as table tops and lamp bases, often hand painting, displaying his incredible artistic skills. He is currently focusing on developing a process to incorporate artwork into glass in all sorts of interesting forms, such as laminating the artwork between two pieces and vacuum sealing. The initial design visual and the finished piece are, Anthony cites, his favourite processes as they are able to display to their customer what their finished piece will look like once it has finished and then seeing the piece in the flesh once it has been made is always exciting for both the customer and the maker, particularly when it has been made bespoke.

Cappa E Spada welcome bespoke enquiries and are always happy to help in creating the perfect piece for your home.

Author's Choice

We adore Cappa E Spada's focus on using sustainable and reclaimed wood for their pieces, doing their part to help the environment. Cappa E Spada pieces are unique and colourful, allowing them to fit into an eclectically styled spaced. The subject matter of their artwork is fun, light-hearted and edgy yet the company's focus on high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail displays the expert skill and seriousness used to produce their wonderful pieces. Cappa E Spada are very open to crafting bespoke and customised pieces which is is important to our clients and customers who want to create individual pieces for their homes.

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