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Giles Lawson Johnston

Giles Lawson Johnston is an established crystal glass engraver who engraves his stunning pieces in his studio in Scotland.

Giles Lawson Johnston runs his crystal glass engraving business that was originally called Glenernan Glass and set up by his late father, Andrew Lawson Johnston, in 1985.

Giles' father held the Royal Warrant for artist in glass and Giles cites him as the inspiration to his work. The hand-engraved glass is done with a diamond-tipped dentist drill, which Giles carries out on a commission-only basis. It gives him great pleasure to engrave and reminds him of when he was eight years old, engraving by his father’s side.

Giles' father devised an effective method of slicing and polishing pieces of glass cullet which he bought some 40 years ago. Originally these pieces came from the famous Whitefriars Glass factory in London, when it sadly closed after a distinguished 300 year history. When the furnaces were extinguished the molten glass was left to solidify. The result was huge blocks of lead crystal. These were broken up into more manageable sizes and are what we call cullet. This cullet will eventually run out and represent an investment opportunity in a most unusual, and unrepeatable art form. There is also the added attraction of being able to personalise your piece by Giles and commission hand engraved images: houses, racehorses, yachts, wildlife scenes, heraldry - all things are possible.

Author's Choice

We adore this beautifully engraved crystal vase. Its elegant shape lends itself to many narrow spaces and variety of contemporary or traditionally styled interiors. The added personalisation of having your family tree engraved onto the vase is so unique and special. We love the idea of future heirlooms here at AUTHOR and this exquisite vase can be kept in families for generations to come.

We love that Giles is carrying on the magnificent work of his father creating truly, stunning pieces of glass art.

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