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Wildheart Organics

Wildheart Organics’ candles are made with pure, essential oils and no ‘nasties’ to create the ultimate luxury, mood-enhancing candles.

Calming and soul-soothing scents that are perfect for any living space.

At the helm of Wildheart Organics is self-confessed wellness seeker Emma, whose passion for essential oils and their mood-changing properties began as a hobby in 2014. This grew into a quest to make home wellbeing treatments using the purest oils which not only have amazing aromas but also have proven wellness benefits. Emma’s business operates from her barn on the edge of the Pentland Hills, outside Edinburgh.

Every product is hand-made in Britain using only quality natural ingredients. These candles are made with 100% essential oils, which are carefully chosen and blended to achieve the desired mood. Using natural perfumery skills, the candles’ beautiful fragrances possess the correct balance of base, heart and top notes. There are no petrochemicals or artificial perfumes in Emma’s candles, and no 'nature identicals' (mixes of essential oils and synthetic ingredients). The challenges and cost of making candles to these strict specifications means that there are very few companies which do so.

Emma enjoys creating new fragrances to evoke a specific wellbeing mood, using the aromatherapeutic qualities of the individual oils. Her blends incorporate prized 'floral absolutes' like rose and jasmine, which bring aroma complexities and amazing mood enhancing benefits.

There are hundreds of natural compounds in floral absolutes - Rose oil has over 300 compounds in every drop of rose oil resulting in an aroma which can never be truly replicated. The incredible properties of rose oil and jasmine oil have been well documented for centuries. Aromatherapy candles have numerous benefits over the mass-market, artificially fragranced alternatives.

Aromatherapy is a modern version of plant medicine, using the powerful energy and biochemistry of numerous medicinal plants. The plants themselves benefit from these amazing oils, which enable them to defend against parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses, to attract pollinators, thermo-protect and energise themselves. It is hardly surprising therefore that plants also offer humans tremendous benefits and healing treasures for our own well-being.

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Author's Choice

Wildheart Organics have a high standard of ethics which speaks to AUTHOR's ethos. They do not test their own products on animals and neither do they use other products that have been tested on animals. All containers, bottles and packaging can be recycled. Their candle wax is a vegetarian product, made avoiding petrochemicals and toxic substances. Because all their products are handmade, they are able to ensure quality and the raw material supply chain.

We have chosen four beautifully scented candles from the range for our collections, to set the mood and ambience for our curated spaces.

'Happy' is light, floral and feminine, while 'Sanctuary' is an enveloping calming and a very sophisticated fragrance. 'Tranquil' is slightly fresher but still layered and elegant. 'Meditate' is a complex blend of oils, with powers to help us feel centred and grounded.

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