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Richard Ballantyne

From his studio in Buckinghamshire, Richard Ballantyne handcrafts the most beautiful hare and fox sculptures.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Richard Ballantyne creates the most beautiful Raku fired sculptures.

With a background in Interior Design, Richard taught for many years before completing a BA in Glass and Ceramics.

His pieces, inspired by nature, start on the potter's wheel, and are manipulated into animal forms. Once created they are left to dry before firing with a glaze. The pieces are then removed from the kiln at the point of verification and allowed to cool before being placed in sawdust to create the famous raku, crackle pattern that is beautifully spontaneous and idiosyncratic. Each of Richard's sculptures are unique and individual and some are created with beautiful gilding.

Raku is an ancient firing technique that was used traditionally in Japanese Tea Ceremonies. It was developed by potters in the USA during the late 50’s and from there it has evolved to what it is today, each potter developing their own unique way of Raku firing.

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Author's Choice

We adore Richard's pieces as they are exquisite and beautiful. We love his tongue and cheek style such as his playful take on a trophy Fox head that can be hung on the wall wearing goggles and with feathers still in its mouth. The Fox heads are humorous and delightful.

The way in which Richard sculpts his pieces allows their true character to shine through. The hares look alert as they would in a field with their gorgeous eyes showing their personalities. The Raku pattern also suits the subject matter, giving them such presence. They are a wonderful size and their neutrality makes them ideal to sit in all sorts of locations such as mantelpieces, hearths and dressing tables.

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