Ethical & Sustainable


At AUTHOR, we are firm supporters of Slow Design and the Slow Furniture Movement, which discards the hyper consumerism of mass production and focuses on an ethical interior design with a sustainable approach to design. We believe that makers, designers and artisans should be paid and treated fairly for their craft. We do this by having a transparent, flexible and open relationship with our makers and making sure they are paid fairly for their work.


We believe in making carefully considered design investments for the future, in furniture and interior items that have been made sustainably and responsibly by talented craftspeople across Britain. These ethical interior design investments will end up being more cost effective in the long run as you aren’t drawn into a cycle of continual and wasteful re-buying that comes with pressured or impulsive buying of low-quality mass-produced products.


Habitual re-buying also causes serious effects on the environment when outmoded or unwanted items are thrown away. We support the work of our designers using reclaimed or responsibly sourced materials and encourage customers to resell or rehome outdated pieces no longer wanted. We want to shift expectations so that a furniture purchase is expected to last many years, seeing its owner through house moves and changes in fashion. These pieces, if well looked after, can be future collectables and heirlooms that can be passed on to generations.




Many of our makers are one-man bands and run their small businesses locally; therefore, by focusing on British production, we are supporting local makers and our local economy. We are also passionate about creating a space for emerging artists and makers to present their work. As a Silver Friend of the Show, sponsoring Dundee’s Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design’s degree show, we also feature an Emerging Artist Series that explores the stunning work of new and up-and-coming artists and designer across the British Isles to showcase their talent and raise awareness of their work not-for-profit.


With solely promoting high quality craft furnishings in Britain, our environmental impact with deliveries is significantly brought down as our pieces don’t have as far to travel across the country. We also use couriers who use carbon off-setting for their domestic and overseas deliveries. Our overall goal is to plant more trees here in our local area to off-put our carbon emissions. We have already started planting trees at AUTHOR HQ and will continue to expand this in future.


The packaging we use is 100% recycled and recyclable. Our tissue paper has been recycled and is acid free. The protective foam pellets and bubble wrap we use are biodegradable. Even our luxury gift wrapping is recycled, proving that sustainability can be stylish. We also recycle any packaging that has been sent to us and encourage others to do the same. The office runs on electricity and energy both of which come from 100% renewable providers.

We try to do what we can, where we can, striving to minimise our impact on the environment. Supporting Great British Made Interiors.

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