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Mairi Helena

Mairi Helena, a Scottish textile designer and photographer, creates stunning and original designs used in interiors and fashion.

Mairi Helena creates colourful and inventive designs in her Edinburgh studio that are used in interiors and fashion.

It is no wonder that Mairi is the talented designer that she is as she grew up in a family of designers. Both her parents were textile designers, raising her with an appreciation for design and textiles. Originally trained as a vet, Mairi would escape to the hills and the surrounding countryside during her university years in Edinburgh to take photographs. After university she retrained as a photographer and set up her photography business.

Always having a passion for interiors, textures and textiles, she combined her photography skills, textile designer roots and love for interior design together to create her beautiful surface pattern prints that are used to make high-end luxury soft furnishings, gorgeous wallpapers and stunning scarves. Her innovative and abstract surface pattern designs translate perfectly for luxury interior furnishings.

Mairi's exquisite designs are inspired by the Scottish landscape, from the earthy tones of the Borders were she grew up, the weathered coast of Fife where she once lived, the lush valleys of the Trossachs that she has trekked and finally to the hustle and bustle of vibrant Edinburgh where her studio is based. The natural textures and colours of the Scottish landscape is abundant and so it is no surprise that it creates much of her inspiration and ideas. Her photographic portfolio also produces a source of influence, capturing landscapes, textures and lifestyle photography all over Scotland that gives her a fantastic starting point for her designs.

Her collection of fabrics and wallpapers, entitled 'Homelands' is a particular favourite. It explores the colours, textures and patterns that she has enjoyed photographing in her most beloved environments to create elegant and one of a kind designs.

Author's Choice

We adore 'Highland Tundra,' the beautiful wallpaper design inspired by the vast beaches and scattered tree lines along the Scottish West Coast. From afar, it is a lovely, soothing and calm abstract pattern but upon close inspection, a story is told and you can see the intricate outline of the trees and wintry scenes.

Its neutral colour palette invites calm and quiet contemplation that you experience on Scotland's many isolated and outstretched beaches, yet it it still stands on its own, drawing attention to its depiction of wild beauty.

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