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Wayne Galloway

Wayne Galloway is a Scottish potter based in Fife who uses experimental techniques to create his stunning pieces.

Wayne Galloway loves experimenting with surface decoration through pit and smoke firing and using locally collected materials.

Born and based in Fife, the Fife coast has always been Wayne's biggest source of inspiration for his work. From the textures and colours of the rocks to the soil, Wayne incorporates this inspiration through his work's tactile appearance.

Wayne cites that he has always had a deep need to create from childhood: "from painting at an early age at home to exploring a wide range of materials for printmaking. I always see creative opportunities in everything I work with, which is why I think the medium of clay suits me so well." Working mostly on the potter's wheel, enjoying the responsiveness of the clay when working in this format.

After working in clay for a few years Wayne started selling in a local gallery and then progressed to larger events such as Potfest Scotland. He really enjoyed connecting with customers and hearing their reaction to his work and how it makes them feel, inspiring him to start his business. Wayne applies Terra Sigillata (made from clay into a very thin liquid slip) to his pieces to create the incredibly tactile and shiny surface to his pieces. He then smoke or pit fires the pieces using locally sourced materials such as seed heads, grasses, seaweed, pinecones and saw dust to give the pieces to create exquisite, sporadic patterns.

Wayne is currently creating some functional tableware which will be finished using Terra Sigillata. He is hoping to create tactile pieces which will become part of his everyday experience.

Author's Choice

We love Wayne's pieces for their interesting textures, stunning surface patterns and the fact they can be used as small vessels. The shiny and smooth surface of the Calm Sea Orbs are incredibly tactile and remind us of beautiful pebbles found on a Scottish shore. The Textured Sea Orbs are also amazingly tactile with their beautiful crackled texture exterior.

Both versions have an exquisite surface pattern that is always individual meaning that no one piece is the same, making them truly unique. We adore that Wayne uses locally sourced materials to create these patterns and for his smoke or pit firing technique such as seaweed, grasses and seed heads, grounding and rooting these pieces to the Fife landscape and coast.

We always look forward to what Wayne is creating next.

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