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Janet Hodcroft

Janet Hodcroft of Hevensent creates beautiful wallpapers that are all made in Britain.

Traditional British storytelling told through contemporary wallpaper.

Janet, the creator of Hevensent, has always been passionate about art and design. She loves collecting ideas and to create the concept behind her design, then seeing how it translates once it is made into a wallpaper.

Hevensent started when Janet used to make up stories for her children to keep them entertained or before bed time. These stories grew to have illustrations and slowly then materialised into story wallpapers and products. She decided, rather than turn her stories into a book, she wanted her children to be surrounded by them and so she created story wallpaper to help develop her children's imagination.

Manufacturing in Britain is very important to Janet and her team as they want to support at risk heritage crafts such as the screen printed wallpapers they create. They also have a green, eco-friendly approach with their digitally printed wallpapers without compromising on their high quality. Producing in Britain also allows the company to oversee their consistent luxury quality.

Author's Choice

We love that Janet combines the British tradition of storytelling through contemporary, beautiful wallpapers. We also adore that she is trying to keep alive British heritage crafts that are at threat such as screen printed wallpaper. Their passion to constantly review their working processes to find ways in which to limit their impact on the environment without compromising on quality or style is very commendable and something AUTHOR tries to do itself.

The Forest wallpaper in Midas Gold is just so gorgeous. We love searching through the oak leaves to find hidden gems of various woodland creatures. It is such a beautiful hue of gold and adds an elegant touch to any room it is displayed in.

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