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Art Futuro

From their workshop in Stirling, this husband and wife design duo, called Art Futuro, create the most stunning and unique lamps.

Phil and Franziska have used their love for slate to create truly beautiful and unique lamps under their company name, Art Futuro.

The couple's inspiration and love affair for slate began on a family holiday to Wales. They visited the National Slate Museum at the former Dinorwic Slate Quarry and trekked the mountain of the old quarry and surrounding area. Their guide showed them the lovely dark grey of the Dinorwic slate but also showed them the reddish coloured slate from a closed quarry nearby. They had always loved the look and feel of slate as it is such a beautiful material. However, walking through a place like Dinorwic, with its rich history and generations of honed craftsmanship, their curiosity to learn more about slate was sparked and their imaginations went wild with ideas.

With Phil's background in Electronics and Mechanical Engineering and Franziska's love and appreciation for art and beautiful things as well as her attention to detail, they decided they wanted to make gorgeous lamps to highlight the natural variations in the slate. Eventually, they found a very specific translucent slate variant that would allow them to do what they wanted, and the ideas and designs behind their slate lamps were born.

Author's Choice

We always have a soft spot for slate here at AUTHOR as it is such a beautiful rock with all its different variations. We love Phil and Franziska's designs as they highlight the natural slate so beautifully that no lamp is the same, they are all individual and unique. The transparency of the slate and luminosity when lit gives the appearance that they are not stone. They are a thing of beauty whether they are lit or not.

We love to use them in bookcases, desks and bars as they are so interesting to look at and their warm glow creates a wonderful ambiance. We love that with the economical LED strip inside, they can be attached to a power bank and used as outdoor lighting.

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