Bronze Leaves

Sculptors Hanna Varga & Sam Dalton of Ashleaf London cast gorgeous leaves into bronze at the Crucible Foundry in London.

Ashleaf began in 2015 and was founded by sculptors, Sam Dalton and Hanna Varga. It branched out of The Crucible Foundry in London, that facilitated the experimentation of achieving fine quality leaf castings.

Using the ancient lost wax casting technique, Sam and Hanna cast beautiful bronze leaf sculptures direct from the organic leaf, capturing the fragility of leaves in bronze to the finest detail. The real leaf disappears in the process and is transformed into bronze, therefore, each bronze leaf casting is entirely unique as every leaf is.

Both sculptors say that they draw inspiration from the parallels in between human experience and the life of leaves: " With an emphasis on preserving the ephemeral, we explore and record life through leaves. We give prominence to the details of fragments and their relationship to the whole. We consider each leaf itself complete, bearing witness to a specific time, a location and the natural forces by which it was shaped."

When asked about their favourite part of their collaborative work, Sam stated his favourite part is the patination, developing the finishing colour using exclusively chemicals to achieve richness and depth in colour. Hanna’s favourite part is the collection of leaves, that is analogous to hunting, as you never know what you are going to find.

Author's Choice

We admire the beautiful work of Ashleaf London, creating the most stunning leaf sculptures in bronze using an ancient casting technique. We love that a traditional craft and way of metalworking is being preserved but also brought into a new era through Sam and Hanna's work.

Their bronze sculptures capture every textural detail of the real leaf making their pieces truly unique. We love that this something as fragile as a leaf is cast in bronze to exist forever, capturing a beautiful moment in time evermore in an exquisite gold patination.

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