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Elizabeth Smallman

Elizabeth Smallman of Mountain & Molehill uses Victorian illustrations to create her gorgeous, lampshades, paper weights and hand-finished prints in her London studio.

Quirky and educational, Elizabeth's pieces are made with a keen eye to the personal touch.

Created with a sense of anthropomorphic wit, Elizabeth sources Victorian illustrations that have real character and uses them in a collage like style to make prints that tell a tale, are educational but most importantly that are fun. It starts with an idea inspired by the obvious (a trip to the zoo) or the not so obvious (hearing a well-known phrase, singing a nursery song for the umpteenth time). Then it’s a hunt for good antique animal images and the fun part of throwing them down to see if anything works or a story springs out. Occasionally Elizabeth has a clear idea in her head of what she wants the print to look like but states that it usually is nothing like what she ends up making.

The mix of Victorian illustrations with the stylish monochrome of the products means that they are equally suited to a classic home or a modern flat making them an excellent present for most tastes.

Author's Choice

We love the nostalgic and quirky nature of Elizabeth's pieces. They are enduring classics that appeal to your inner child but will also remain a firm favourite with children no matter what their age, making them suitable for adults and children alike. They are designed to be future heirlooms so children can pass them on to their children when they are older.

Elizabeth's gorgeous lampshades and prints make decorating a child's bedroom more elegant and tasteful. The touch of 24ct gold leaf elevates these pieces, making them even more special. These prints make perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays, Christmas and to celebrate the birth of a new baby, such as the New Baby Stork Print which can be personalised with a baby's name.

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