Wooden Folding Shelving

From her London based studio Mandie creates her unique handmade wooden shelving units.

A love of wood and a passion for process informs the creation of these quirky shelving units

Mandie Beuzaval is a furniture designer and maker based in the East End of London. As part of her creative process she photographs buildings, structures and the spaces in between. These photographs provide architectural inspiration, and help influence her design practice. This along with her adoration of timber in its various forms has led her to work with wood creating beautiful, modern pieces. High quality finish and fine detail are a constant, evident across all her work, and the versatility of The Folding Shelving Unit is as pleasing to the eye as it is practical for living.

Author's Choice

We love the two wood options for the moveable shelves, and that you can add to the number as you see fit. The fact that they can be moved at will to vary their configuration gives endless options for display and shelving needs, and encourages maximum creativity, something we love at AUTHOR. It is a tall creature although not overtly wide; and its intricate detail and craftsmanship make these shelves as beautiful empty as they are full.

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