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Jo Davies

Contemporary British ceramics, beautifully made by hand in London by Jo Davies.

Gorgeous bespoke vases, tableware and gilded work by Jo Davies.

Jo Davies is a Royal College of Art graduate who exhibits and sells her ceramics internationally. As part of her practice, she has been a freelance curator and written for Ceramic Review since 2007.

Jo has a passion for working with clay but it is function that often forms the starting point for a new design, and a guide for her work. Development of a new design often takes the form of creating a series of one-off objects that are based on a given function - a ladle, a bowl with pouring lip or a bud vase - then she defuses the initial, more challenging objects that she makes, into simpler design-items that the studio reproduces in batches.

Her designs evolve through constant making. Her early artistic influences include Louise Bourgeois, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, and more recently, ceramicist Barbara Nanning.

Jo has been practising professionally for fifteen years but her interest in ceramics began at school, inspired and guided by her teachers. She went on to pursue a degree in Ceramics at Bath School of Art and then an MA in Ceramics & Glass at the Royal College of Art. She works from her studio in East London, where she also teaches – sharing her expertise and her lifelong love of ceramic design with students.

Author's Choice

We love how Jo’s work evovles, moving forward with similar themes and continuing the visual story.

Jo’s quirky, humorous take on the familiar, reinterpreting the functional and the everyday; the slightly off-centre pieces that are beautifully tactile which fingers beg to touch.

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