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Jen Laughlin

Jen Laughlin designs innovative knitwear for fashion and interiors.

Jen Laughlin uses wool in an inventive way to create unique and beautiful throws and cushions.

Having a PHD in neuroscience, much of Jen's inspiration for her creative designs came from her study of the nervous system; the interweaving shapes of the nerves and how they talk to each other. She has always had a love for textiles and textures. It wasn't until studying Art and Design that her passion for knitwear and crochet was realised and a link between her expertise in the nervous system and her knitwear was created.

The Scottish East Coast and scenery is another source of inspiration for Jen, especially the stunning, outstretched beaches as she frequently walks them with her children. The depths of blue, green and grey hues from the sea, stormy clouds as well as the other colours and textures in the landscape provide a fountain of inspiration for her designs. Natural textures, such as seaweed, have similarities in shape to nerves. Studying them on walks has provided her with more creative insight into her designs.

The way in which neurotransmitters work in the nervous system has influenced her to integrate electronics into her pieces creating a beautiful, soft light effect with the wool, accentuating its warmth. The lighting provides a cosy glow underneath the wool giving her throws another dimension that is bold and unique.

Author's Choice

We adore how fun and different these pieces are. The lambswool Jen uses in her creations is just so luxuriously soft and we love the hues she chooses like the jewel-like tones of her navy blue cushion and throw. The use of sequin give everyday items a touch of elegant flair to liven up any interior space.

We love how Jen uses her local landscape as inspiration as well as her expertise in the nervous system which thoroughly does have similarities to knitted shapes. Her exploration of interwoven mixed materials and integration of soft, warming light add another level of intricacy to her already stunning pieces.

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