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Jonathon Vaiksaar

Jonathon Vaiksaar handcrafts stunning timber boxes in his workshop located in the charming village of Thurstaston on the Wirral Peninsula.

To create his exquisite boxes Jonathon uses the finest British hardwoods which would often go to waste in traditional cabinetry.

Jonathon grew up with watching his parents handcrafting at home and they have been a great inspiration for him and is work. As a child, he loved Lego and constructing toys while studying woodwork at school. When Jonathon left school and bought a house, he made a lot of his own furniture as it was difficult to afford to buy any pieces at that time. He worked for 15 years in supply management but he decided to leave the corporate world behind and pursue woodworking when his son was born.

Inspired by the beauty of the wood and the natural occurring faults within, Jonathon’s work is ongoing exploration of how to create beautiful functional items whilst trying to respect the wood’s nature. Most of the wood Jonathon works with is native to Britain and bought as single boards from tree surgeons when they have felled dead or deceased trees. This wood would have been deemed unusable beforehand and so Jonathon is able to create something unique and timeless, preserving the beautiful timber into his boxes.

Jonathon introduced resin casting into his work using different pigments and additives, trying to use the full size and form of each board in order to minimise waste. His aim is to create functional pieces that invoke a desire to touch and use rather than simply being admired from behind a glass case. Jonathon’s work is sold to private individuals not as part of a collection, but as an everyday item to be cherished. He is currently working with a local tree surgeon to source more timber in its rawest state which he will then mill and dry himself. Knowing exactly where it grew, who felled it and how it has been processed creates an important connection between the maker and his pieces.

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We adore Jonathon’s beautifully crafted boxes because they remind us of the natural charm of the forest. We love how he preserves timber that would have previously been unused, doing his part for the environment. His bespoke, versatile and exquisite pieces look lovely in any setting and can be passed onto the next generation as an heirloom piece to be cherished.

Although Jonathon says that he loves the process of making from start to finish, there are two steps in the journey which really excite him – finding an unusual piece of timber and applying the first coat of oil on the finished box. Transforming an unloved grubby piece of wood buried at the back of a sawmill into a gorgeous box is truly a magical process for him.

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