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Joy Gray

Artist Joy Gray hand crafts gorgeous wire sculptures in her Northern Ireland studio.

In 2012, Joy was working on pieces for a walled garden sculpture exhibitions. Wanting to make her scribbled drawings of Magpies in sculptural form, wire was an obvious choice as it is a 3D line and her wire sculptures were born.

Joy graduated with a degree in Fine & Applied Art from University of Ulster in 2007, specialising in sculpture, often with textile elements. Currently a member of the Creative Peninsula, over the last ten years Joy has exhibited throughout Northern Ireland in venues such as the RUA Annual Show (Ulster Museum), Ards Art Centre, Down Arts Centre, Castleward, the Walled Garden, Bangor and in Mountstewart. Joy's work is currently displayed in many respected galleries within Northern Ireland.

Joy's wire sculptures and dioramas capture the wild, resilient nature of urban birds and windswept trees. Initially Joy was drawn to urban birds, especially crows, as she admires their ability to survive the harsh urban environment. Joy found that same quality in the rural windswept trees, that are bent but not broken and continue to survive despite the harsh winds.

When asked about her favourite part of the making process Joy stated that: "there is an almost euphoric joy in that moment when you have an idea for a piece, the moment that you can see it in your mind's eye and feel that it is right. When after lots of work, you can create that vision, it feels amazing."

Author's Choice

Joy's beautiful wire sculptures of trees look so realistic as they are so intricately made. They are statement pieces that would suit both contemporary and traditionally styled interior spaces, especially Joy's 'To Protect' sculpture which features an exquisite tree in a large glass globe, reminding us of Victorian specimen glass domes.

Both of Joy's pieces featured in our collection are moving pieces that are fantastic conversation starters when entertaining. 'Frail Shelter' has an interactive nature, allowing you to display the gorgeous trees however you wish - in a row, as a grouping or stand alone in different rooms.

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