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Luxury Mother’s Day Gifts Made in the UK

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Celebrate your mum this year with a gift that has been ethically and sustainably made. We have an exquisite collection of luxury Mother’s Day gifts all handcrafted in the UK by artisanal makers that will make your mum feel truly special and appreciated. Below are some suggestions to help you find the perfect thoughtful gift.

Mother’s Day Gifts for New Mums

Lavender & Vetiver Pillow Spray

The gift of relaxation is much needed for a new mum, especially with the lack of sleep and increase in worry that motherhood can bring. Why not mark the milestone occasion of a first Mother’s Day with a thoughtful, soothing gift? Studies have shown the positive effects of aromatherapy towards reducing anxiety and aiding sleep with the use of essential oils.

Essential oils such as Lavender are strongly noted for their relaxing aroma and sleep-inducing properties. Our pillow spray by Made On Our Farm is made using lavender and vetiver, both scents recommended to reduce restlessness and promote sleep. The lavender is grown on the maker’s farm in Scotland and the vetiver is sourced from other local farmers. Lavender also features in our Tranquil and Calm scented items made in Edinburgh by Wildheart Organics.

Calm Candle

Wildheart Organics use 100% clean and natural essentials oils in their organic room diffusers and room sprays. They also use 100% plant wax in their candles, so no nasty toxins are burned into the space. Tried and tested by the AUTHOR team, these room diffusers and candles throw their scent for a long time with the large diffusers holding their scent for 6 months. We recommend the aromatherapy roll-on, excellent for using on pulse points and guaranteed to give the new mum in your life a moment of peace in her busy day.

For the mum who is always cold

Alpaca Wool Socks
Cashmere Fingerless Hand Warmers

We all know that mum who forever has a cold nose, cold toes, or cold fingers. What better way to keep her cosy then with a luxury Mother’s Day gift of warmth? Our Alpaca wool socks made in England by Tom Lane are typically used as bed socks but they can be worn with boots to keep toes warm during the winter months. Alpaca wool is known for its hypoallergenic properties and for retaining warmth, but it is also breathable meaning no sweatiness. Tom Lane’s fingerless hand warmers made in Scotland from 100% Cashmere will also keep her hands warm. These long grey fingerless gloves have a cable-knit pattern and are made with the ultra-fine hairs from the Cashmere goat that has insulating properties but like the alpaca wool, is breathable to prevent any overheating.

Alpaca Hot Water Bottle

Our Alpaca hot water bottle is another good Mother’s Day gift for mums who often have cold extremities. Made in Scotland by an artisanal mill for Araminta Campbell, this fine-sized 1L hot water bottle has a cover made from 100% British sourced alpaca wool meaning it will retain its warmth throughout the night due to high capability of retaining heat that the natural fibres hold. It has been tried and tested by mothers of the AUTHOR Team and we can confirm it remains lukewarm by morning to stave off any early morning chill.

A handy tip from an AUTHOR mum: Leave your pyjamas and bed socks on the Alpaca hot water bottle whilst you have a bath so they will be all warmed up for putting on and climbing into bed.

For the mum who has everything

Alpaca Wool Throw

What do you buy for the mum who has everything? A gift voucher always works a treat as it allows her to pick something for herself. We also find that finishing touches are something even the mum who has everything still wants and needs. Those last added elements and layers that give a home some added warmth, texture, comfort, or pizzazz. A one-of-a-kind art or sculptural piece that you know she’ll love or perhaps a multi-functional gift like a sumptuous throw she can use as a blanket, wrap, or draped over the arm of a sofa. We have a range of exquisite luxury accessories all handcrafted in the UK that make excellent Mother’s Day presents.

Luxury Gift Boxes by AUTHOR

Gifting a moment is another thoughtful and special way to show your appreciation on Mother’s Day. From her favourite magazine with a tin of JustBe’s organic herbal tea for the mum who likes a mid-afternoon 5 minutes to herself or gorgeously handmade bone china espresso cups by Emma Alington with a bag of locally made coffee for the mum who loves her morning pick-me-up. We can create a personalised gift box of luxury specially curated just for her.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss a personalised gift box. Our Mother’s Day gifts can be delivered within the UK to save you time and ensure that any mum who receives it feels loved.

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