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Wax Atelier
Wax Atelier

Established in 2017, Wax Atelier was co-founded in London by multidisciplinary artists and designers, Lola Lely and Yesenia Thibault-Picazo. Wax Atelier was created with a passion for the potential of wax as a material, its historic use and the exploration of the innovative ways it can be used in the future for sustainable purposes.

Double Dipped Dinner Candles - Pair
3 Waxed Linen Food Wraps

Both Lola and Yesenia have had an enthusiasm for creating and making since childhood. Born in Hanoi, Vietnam, Lola grew up in London always being curious of how objects were made. Drawing, making and the connections between materials, processes and makers are all central to her practice. Lola specialises in constructed textiles and natural dyeing techniques.

Yesenia is a French-born musician alongside her design work that explores the narrative potential of materials through collaborations with experts in the fields of geology, anthropology and craft. Yesenia defines herself as a ‘material teller’ and uses design as a means to engage with diverse audiences on contemporary ecological challenges.

Celebration Candles - Cherry Blossom

After collaborating and working together for five years on various projects, Lola and Yesenia decided to start Wax Atelier in 2017 with a sole focus on one material: 100% pure and natural wax.

Their collection features gorgeous candle sticks and waxed linen food wraps, ranging in sizes and dyed using natural ingredients such as green tea, flower heads, roots and wood bark. This creates a minimal environmental impact as their dyes come from natural sources which do not contain any harmful chemicals or carcinogenic components, often found in artificial or synthetic dyes.

Waxed Linen Food Wraps

Wax Atelier focuses on a sustainable future, aspiring to instigate a conscious consumer behaviour with an awareness and respect for natural resources which is in keeping with our ethos here at AUTHOR.

The exquisite Waxed Linen Food Wraps by Wax Atelier are a wonderful and sustainable plastic-free alternative to cling-film for food covering. They can be washed and used time and time again not only as a food covering but also as sandwich bags for snacks and nibbles for picnics or hikes. The clever beeswax coating of the linen makes it water repellent and means no nasty chemicals go down the drain when washed.

Celebration Candles - Natural Beeswax

Lola and Yesenia produce their collections in small batches in their London based workshop. This makes their work more sustainable and environmentally friendly as their pieces are not mass produced. Each batch is unique and will range in their beautiful, natural colouring shades and tones.

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Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to enquire about Wax Atelier’s work or would like to speak about a bespoke piece.

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