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Hatti Pattisson
Hatti Pattisson

Hatti Pattisson is a Scottish artist who creates original works of art, hand-finished art prints and commissioned paintings of the most exquisite and expressive land and seascapes. A select few of Hatti’s beautiful painting designs have become the inspiration to develop her textile brand making fabric for cushions, curtains, lampshades and even clothing. These textiles have been incorporated into the design of boutique hotels and luxury homes and are featured in AUTHOR’s collection of British made, luxury furniture and interior accessories.

Hatti Pattisson
"Halcyon Haze" limited edition hand-finished print

Born and raised in the East Neuk of Fife and now living in Edinburgh, Hatti has been creating her beautiful artworks for over 15 years. Her work explores three key themes – florals, landscapes and seascapes, each an expression of her relationship to her surroundings, thoughts, memories and emotions.

Hatti began her career as an artist selling her paintings at the age of 15 at The Pittenweem Arts Festival in The East Neuk of Fife. Pittenweem, her hometown, hosts a renowned annual arts festival where artists and makers of different crafts come together to show their work, collaborate and be inspired.

"Fields of Coral" limited edition hand-finished print

“I really do love to play with paint and get the most varied textures. I splash, flick, throw and work delicately with fine brushes. It’s the mixture of marks which I love but most of all I like to begin and see where the process takes me rather than having a preplanned idea. There’s something incredibly pleasing when a combination of colour of paint and shapes I have made come together and just seem to sing. It’s those moments which I cherish the most from doing what I do.”

"Summer's Retreat" limited edition hand-finished print
"Unveiling" limited edition hand-finished print

Hatti’s limited edition hand-finished prints feature in our collections. These prints bridge the gap between a reproduction and an original art piece. Each of Hatti’s limited edition prints are hand-finished uniquely making no two the same and each individual. We are also featuring two of Hatti’s painting designs that have been adapted to fabric, available in linens and velvets, ideal for curtains, cushions and lampshades.

Golden Grasses Fabric
Misty Sea Fabric - Grey

“I do feel that all my works have a piece of me in them. I find them all personal but at the same time am so happy that others enjoy them that I’m genuinely happy they go away to peoples homes. I have one which I have kept. It was painted when I was fifteen years old and its a reminder of the raw freedom of expression I had at that age. It’s made with pure instinct and creatively so I have never wanted to let it go. The piece is called ‘Water Cave’ and although I will never sell the original I offer hand finished prints of it.”

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