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How to make your bedroom a
Sleep Haven
Sleep Haven

We all know of the mental and physical benefits of getting a good night’s sleep. The NHS and sleep experts advise that most adults need between 6 and 9 hours of sleep every night with 8 hours being the optimal amount. Along with exercise, a better diet and avoiding caffeine before bedtime, there are other considerable changes that you can make to improve your sleep such as creating a sleep-friendly, relaxing environment to wind down in. Here are our tips on how to make your bedroom a sanctuary of sleep featuring exceptionally well-made pieces all crafted in Britain by skilled artisans.



Considering we spend a third of our lives sleeping, it is worth investing in a mattress that is going to give you a better quality of sleep for longer. Everyone has their own preference on the firmness of their mattress, it is important to find the most comfortable mattress for you that is going to last. The mattresses that have coiled springs and layers of responsibly sources natural fibres such as felted wools, horsehair, alpaca wool, silks and cashmere give you the comfort and support you need for better sleep. These natural layers create a breathable environment and better yet, motion isolation, so you are not disturbed if your partner moves in the night.



Purchasing comfortable and quality bedding is just as vital as investing in the perfect mattress. There’s no use in having the most comfortable mattress and then dressing it with poorly-made or inadequate bedding that won’t regulate your temperature as you sleep. Your quality of sleep can be improved dramatically with the right pillow and duvet.

Research has shown that weighted blankets can act as a form of deep pressure stimulation, a hands-on pressure therapy used to relax the nervous system and aid in improving mood, reducing anxiety and alleviating pain. A study in 2015 by the Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders stated that weighted blankets gave a “calming effect” on participants as they provide “a ‘cocooning’ feeling.”

If you are looking for a luxury, weighted duvet, we recommend AVA INNES duvets and pillows which are all made in Scotland and Yorkshire by skilled artisans. The natural weighting of AVA INNES duvets helps ensure a deeper, uninterrupted sleep, comfortably cocooning you since they are filled with a dream blend of cashmere guard hair and lambswool. Encased in organic cotton and naturally weighted, these duvets give the ultimate balance of warmth, weight and breathability. They also serve as an exquisite, natural alternative to feathers or synthetic bedding.



Aromatherapy has long been a holistic healing treatment to enhance both physical and mental wellbeing with the use of essential oils. Candles, room sprays and pillow sprays are the best way to create a soothingly scented bedroom. We advise plant-based wax candles as they are carbon neutral and won’t burn nasty ingredients into your living space like paraffin wax candles do.

Lavender is usually the most popular scent used in aid of sleep and stress relief. Our Calm range features a plant-based wax Aromatherapy Candle, Organic Room Diffuser and Atmosphere Mist all handmade from 100% pure, clean and natural essentials oils in a relaxing blend of Lavender, Mandarin and Sandalwood. Citrus scents such as Mandarin are known to lower your heart rate and help with anxiety relief whilst Sandalwood with its woody, earthy smell has an ancient history of being used for relaxation and anxiety-reducing effects.


Our Tranquil Scented Candle features a calming blend of Lavender, Neroli and Sandalwood handmade in Edinburgh from plant-based wax like our Calm range, and is also available in a triple wick version. We also recommend our Lavender & Vetiver Pillow Spray which is produced by Made On Our Farm from lavender grown on the company’s family farm on the East Coast of Scotland. Spritz this spray on your pillow before bed and you’ll be drifted to a state of sleeping zen.



It is recommended to avoid using smartphones and tablets before bed as the blue light can have negative effects on sleep such as reducing the levels of the hormone that helps you sleep – melatonin. Our body clocks have an intrinsic rhythm to use signals of light and dark for our wake and sleep cycles. Celebrity GP, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, suggests embracing a red light at bedtime or during the night, especially as night lights for children, as “red is the wavelength that has the least impact on your body’s circadian clock.”

Dr. Chatterjee also advocates implementing a ‘No-Tech 90’ rule where you switch off digital devices 90 minutes before you go to bed. Instead, create a bedtime routine and unwind before bed with a hot bath or a herbal tea that is caffeine-free. Our organic, handmade Herbal Tea is a mixture of chamomile, with its anti-inflammatory and sleep-inducing properties, and spearmint, which is high in antioxidants and said to help with stress relief. It can be enjoyed in the most beautiful Bone China Tea Mug by Berkshire-based ceramic artist, Emma Alington.


If you’re going to enforce the No-Tech 90 rule before bed, relax your mind with a good book instead. The Art of Coorie by Gabriella Bennett explores what Coorie is – or còsagach in Gaelic – and how it has helped nurture the astonishing creativity that Scotland is famed for, despite an often harsh and unforgiving climate. If you’re an admirer of the Danish ‘Hygge’ and want to make your living spaces cosier, then the Art of Coorie will inspire you to do it the Scottish way.


There are a number of accessories that can help make your bedroom a haven for sleep. Throws such as our Luxury Mohair Throw or Mauve Taupe Cashmere Throw, give you sumptuous layering on top of your bedding if you need it. They’re also perfect for snuggling on top of the covers with a good book or if you are inclined to nap.

If you’re looking for extra cosiness then a Cashmere Hot Water Bottle Cover is what you need. Cashmere has a much higher insulating capacity than regular wool and other fabrics, meaning this cover will help retain the heat of the hot water bottle for longer. This envelope style design is made from a special, heavyweight Cashmere to ensure that this beautiful product can be enjoyed for years to come.


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