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How to Create the
Perfect Feature Wall
Perfect Feature Wall

A feature wall, otherwise known as an accent wall, is a wall which design differs from the design of the other walls in the room. This can be via a different shade of paint, a different medium such as wallpaper, or some kind of panelling or mural.

Not only are feature walls a brilliant way of making a statement in a room, they can also be a subtle way of adding depth and texture to a flat space. Providing opportunity to experiment with both colour and pattern, a feature wall can inject just the right amount of interest into a space without overwhelming the entire room. Whether you want a big change or a small update, there are many ways to create an accent wall that works for you. Here’s our tips and tricks on how the create the perfect luxury feature wall in your home.

Look at where the focal point of the room already is


When you walk into a room, you should immediately be able to tell where your focus lands and this should be where you position your feature wall. The entire point of this interior decoration is to highlight existing features. If the room in question features a fireplace, area with a television, or space where the headboard sits, this is where you should decorate. Let the architecture of the room guide you with your decision.

Find the perfect colour palette


While you might think painting the wall any colour will work to create a suitable accent, you need to ensure that whatever colour or pattern you choose complements the rest of the room. As we mentioned, a feature wall can be subtle so don’t choose to go dark or bold for the sake of it. Plan out the furniture and decor you’re going to incorporate and ensure that everything works with the accent wall colour. Think about colour pairings too. Just because you are planning on a feature wall, doesn’t mean that the rest of the room has to be white. Think about complementary colours that can help to escalate the space.

Be creative with your medium


A plain painted wall isn’t the only option when it comes to a feature wall; there’s plenty of ways to make your decor stand out even more. Try creating a mural if you’re a dab hand with a paintbrush, or use a low adhesive tape to create something more geometric. There’s no limit to the patterns you can create with paint, and it’s the easiest material to change should you decide you want to try something different. Don’t be afraid of doing things differently – this is often where the magic happens to create a more luxurious aesthetic.

Opt for a statement wallpaper


Homeowners can sometimes be hesitant to use wallpaper as it’s not quite as easy to remove or change. Nevertheless, a statement wallpaper on one accent wall can indeed take a room from boring to basic. Get playful with pattern and colour here and opt for something that showcases your personality. Try a monochrome take with our Nuvole Mural Wallpaper by Cole & Son or opt for a whimsical floral number for a brighter aesthetic.

Think beyond the obvious


While we love using paint and wallpaper to decorate, you can take a feature wall even further by opting to use materials such as tile, stone and reclaimed wood. Wood panels are becoming more and more popular in luxury homes while cane is also an upcoming interior trend. Note: if you don’t fancy the labour, our Panelling Wallpaper by Mineheart brings the same effect to the room.

Work your furniture in


If you’re working your feature wall into an area of the room where there’s room for furniture to be placed in front, you need to consider how the two tie together. A mid-century sideboard will look perfect set against the intricate curves of the Malachite Wallpaper, while more rustic furniture pairs well with floral papers such as the Woodland Wallpaper which is expertly designed and printed by the talented at Cole & Son in London.

Style with complementary accessories but don’t overdo it


There’s always room for some stylish interior decor to add some extra va-va-voom to your room – just be mindful not to over clutter. We’ve got some handy tips on interior styling for a luxury feel should you need some further inspiration. One of the key things to remember is to not create anything that competes with the feature wall. When there’s too much going on in a space, it can come across as chaotic so focus all of your attention into the feature wall itself. A feature wall should be a highlight, so give it room to breathe.

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