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How To Refresh Your Home For Spring
How To Refresh Your Home For Spring

As we step into the time of the year where the days are once again getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and the flowers are starting to bloom, we’re starting to think of the ways we can add simple updates to our homes without a complete refresh.

At AUTHOR, we don’t boast of the seasonal or fashionable and we never follow trends. However, the simple ritual of swapping over curtains, storing heavy velvet and making way for lighter rugs is something we believe can make all the difference to a space. Just as we update our wardrobe to justify the change in weather, we can also bring out some more transitional pieces to refresh our interiors. Parting ways with those more luxurious materials needn’t make your home any less lavish.

Follow our tips on how to update your home for Spring and don’t forget to get in touch should you have any questions of how to make it work for you.


1. Declutter

It’s time to spruce up, clean up, and get your house in order for the new season ahead. We always advocate a quarterly declutter and the changing of seasons is the perfect time to get on board with this. Getting ready for spring is not just about aesthetic choices; it’s about mindset too. Take the time to go through your possessions, sort out those hidden storage areas and really assess your interiors. Sort between items that can be recycled, donated to charity or given to a worthy recipient. If you’re looking for some extra storage, why not try our clever folding shelving unit? There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that a clearer home results in happiness and higher levels of productivity.

2. Add a fresh lick of paint

Adding a fresh coating of paint to your interior can help to instantly refresh it. Choose a new colour for a fresh look or top up your existing colour to get rid of any dirt and marks — you’d be surprised how many make it on to your walls during the darker months.


3. Lighten up your accessories

Spring calls for a lighter approach to interiors and the chance to get a little bit more playful with colour. Swap dark and heavy throws for colourful alternatives and update your shelves with lighter accessories. Glass is a great material to incorporate to bring around that airy springtime feel. These hand blown colourful glass decanters can be placed on the mantel as a decorative effect or would look great with a single stem daffodil or some wild shrubbery.


4. Update your wall art

Changing how your art is displayed can make all the difference to your room and satisfy those urges to completely redecorate. Create a spring moodboard featuring the colours you like or simply play around with different art in different locations. Even reframing your existing artwork could help to give a fresh look and sense of opulence to a room. Peruse our own extensive range of artwork and sculptures for some sumptuous inspiration.


5. Swap out any heavy materials

Swapping out heavier materials is no doubt the most important and the easiest update you can make for spring weather. Nobody wants to be stuck to wool cushions while they’re watching TV. Move away from velvet and woollen styles in the living room and instead opt for silks and linens to enhance a softer and more comfortable setting. Don’t worry, you can relocate your velvet cushions to the bedroom in the daytime.

AUTHOR’s Own Dappled Beetle Linen cushions would make the perfect addition to your sofa thanks to its lighter fabric and softer colourways. Created in Northern Ireland, the linen is made through a traditional manufacturing method called ‘beetling’. This requires the linen to be turned slowly and pounded by wooden beetling hammers for 140 hours to create its flat, high lustre sheen.

6. Incorporate florals

Florals might seem like an obvious choice for spring but there is something to be said about adding in a fresh cut of flowers on a weekly basis. Plant life around can significantly enhance an individual’s wellbeing so having them in your home is a positive step. This hand blown small posy bowl will hold a sweet, small bouquet of flowers, adding a pop of colour to your home, and a smile to your face.


7. Refresh your tableware

Refreshing your tableware is something only required for those that don’t already own a selection of transitional pieces. Simply swap this dinnerware around if you’ve already got light al fresco pieces in the cupboard; we don’t advocate getting rid of perfectly good interior accessories. Nevertheless, if you don’t, transitioning from darker tones to brighter and lighter al fresco style plates and glassware will get you craving to go outdoors in time for the summer and will get you in the entertaining spirit. A simple update would be to purchase a wood serving board as well as some other sharing tableware to last for future seasons to come.


8. Add a Spring scent

We’ve spoken about the importance of a signature scent before and we’re still firmly on the page that a fresh fragrance can go a long way for making you feel at home. Think about updating your current favourite scents to incorporate floral and citrus notes. Try our Wildheart Organic Candles to get you started. Made by hand with a blend of 100% natural vegetarian plant wax, the scent ‘Happy’ is a joyous, mood-enhancing fragrance, with rose, frankincense and geranium.

And there you have it, our top tips for getting your home ready for Spring. The AUTHOR team is here to advise on any aspects of design and furnishing. If you would like any further advice or interior design tips on how to make the most of your interior space, please do get in touch.

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