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How to decorate your home using texture
How to decorate your home using texture

If you’ve ever walked into a room and wondered exactly what it is that’s making it pop, the likelihood is that the all important ingredients is texture. One of the most important components
of a successful interior design scheme, and one of the most commonly overlooked, texture is the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance.

Adding texture to a room gives it a subtle depth and adds layers to stop the room from looking flat. If you look at your room and think there’s something missing, the likelihood is that you’re missing that all important texture. Keen to add an additional layer of interest to your home? Here’s how to use it to decorate your room.

Dress your walls


First thing’s first, you need to get the base of your interior exactly right. While painting a room can add some much needed colour, it can look a little flat if left bare. Wallpaper adds a little more consistency to your walls, as well as character. Opt for something like our Lustre Tile Wallpaper if you’re looking to make a statement. The crackle glaze effect of this wallpaper adds depth and texture, giving an old world feel that is beautifully timeless.

Consider your materials


Materials act as a base for your design. You might think that something like a kitchen needs to remain clean and streamlined, but adding texture here can really help to elevate your interior. Natural materials such as wood, cork and bamboo will add a subtle effect, while leather or metal wall finishes are an ideal way to give a room some va-va-voom. Think about tiles and flooring, and how these will affect your overall finish.

Mix and match your furniture


Before you start buying your interior decor, think about how it will work together to create a cohesive design scheme. Much like the layers of materials in your room, you need to consider the furniture you are using. Add interest by mixing contemporary and traditional pieces; a statement wooden chair like our Tuiga Armchair with an ultra glamorous cabinet. Be brave – there’s nothing worse than a design that doesn’t incorporate a multitude of materials.

Layer your rugs


Adding rugs to your home is an easy way to achieve that textural look. Subtly vary the colours and fabric used around the house and you can easily create a warmer atmosphere with lots of layers. A fairly neutral scheme can be enlivened by contrasting wooden floors with sumptuous velvet or silk rugs, or a more colourful scheme can be toned down with woven jute or natural cotton rug styles.

Incorporate metallics


Metallics aren’t for everyone but they are a great way of brightening up or adding more depth to a room. A metal feature can be an unusual addition and will often emphasise natural light, mirroring around the room to make it appear bigger. Go all out with our opulent Shine Chandelier or make a simple statement with the Lily Side Table. If you’re feeling really brave, our Antique Mirror Wallpaper will add all the drama.

Soften the look


Leathers, velvets, silks and cowhides are deeply tactile and will absolutely help to heighten your interior design scheme. Texture is not just about how something looks, it’s about how you interact with them too. An artfully thrown cashmere blanket can really help to bring warmth and a welcoming sensation. Mix your fabrics with cotton and linen throws or cushions to soften the look and add that extra layer of cosiness.

Make a statement


We’ve said it once and we’ll repeat it again. Adding texture is all about layering and not necessarily about thoughtlessly dotting furniture and soft furnishings around. Build up your interior from the base to the finishing touches and add and remove items until you get the desired effect. Bold artwork can add visual texture and often a splash of pattern or colour via upholstery will make a difference too. Try things out, don’t be afraid to make a statement and remember, you can remove things that don’t quite work.

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