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How to create a welcoming hallway that engages


If you consider that your hallway is the first place that people see when they enter your home, it’s surprising how little thought that we, as homeowners, often put into it. A hallway has the ability to welcome you home after a long hard day as well as to provide guests with that instant “wow factor” that will have them begging to see more.

Thanks to awkward spaces, planning a hallway makeover isn’t the easiest of tasks; we often find ourselves shaking our fists at those hard to paint places and the need for storage to hide those messy items such as shoes and coats. Not to mention the lack of light often prevalent in a hall space. Don’t fret though, here are 7 ways on how to make a hallway look welcoming.

Consider how you use your hallway


Take a moment to consider what you use your hallway for. Is it for storage or is it a dead space that could be spruced up with a well placed bench and artwork?

If you’ve got a large space to play with, make your hallway all about being as welcoming as possible and think about focal points and luxury decor to draw the eye in. A good looking console table, tile feature or stair runner will help to elevate the room from bland to beautiful while also still keeping it relatively functional. For smaller hallways that are in need of storage solutions, focus on clever furniture that’s multi-functional too; a bench with storage included or a console that also acts as a place to showcase objet d’art are a great place to start.

Make the colour work for the space


Your hallways paint colour needs to complement the decor of the rooms that lead off of it so always keep this in mind when selecting hues. If you have a slightly darker hallway low on natural light, it’s best to opt for a lighter colour on the walls to help reflect daylight and make the space look bigger. Somewhere with more light (or a great lighting scheme) can handle a more sultry look and a darker colour scheme. You could even consider painting the ceiling to match. Remember, your hallway walls are more prone to scuffing, so it’s also important to consider the paint finish to help with the occasional wipe down.

Choose statement lighting


Your hallway is the chance to invest in that chandelier that’s been on your wish list for a long time. We don’t think anything could be more welcoming than a beautiful light feature, especially if you have gorgeous high ceilings. For instant impact, try the Hallworth Chandelier by Rachel Fitzpatrick. The shape of this stunning copper chandelier is inspired by the natural landscape of Northern Ireland and is a fantastic conversation starter a.k.a the perfect addition to your hallway.

For hallways less able to withstand a huge lighting feature, create the impression of a higher ceiling with wall uplighters such as the Ledbury Contemporary Wall Lights. These gorgeous lights have an understated shape that works perfectly for both traditional and contemporary styled spaces depending on what metal finish you pair the clear glass with.

Create the illusion of space with mirrors


Whether you’re lacking in space or have a grand entrance, a mirror is always an ideal addition to a hallway. A large well-positioned mirror is perfect for bouncing around natural light and also makes for a functional setup – we all like to check we’re looking presentable! The stunning Peggy Mirror has a timeless shape that is ideal for both traditional and contemporary styled rooms. Pair it with a console table and two matching lamps on either side for a stylish look that adds depth and interest to your hallway decor.

Maximise storage with a console or clever storage

Every hallway could do with a console table in our opinion. You don’t need to have a huge space to handle the typically streamlined nature of this furniture style and it will allow you to show off some of your most prized possessions. A console table is useful for storage and display, but also helps to frame mirrors and can also incorporate storage if you find the right design. The Sexy Legs console table by David Watson is a beautifully proportioned piece of furniture with statement legs incorporated into a classic design. It has the bespoke option of a drawer to hide away clutter from the table top such as keys or stationary. Place it in the hallway under a painting and display your most cherished items on top.

Hang artwork and other decorative details


We love the effect that displaying artwork and sculptures can have on a space and the hallway is the ideal place to show off these unique statement pieces, brining personality into what otherwise could be a soulless space. Try mixing paintings with other 3D objets d’art such as wall plates and place large pieces above a console table for the ultimate decorative look. Sculptures can also feel at home in a hallway such as the beautiful ‘freeform’ ceramic sculptures by Penny Withers to add some movement and abstract shape to your hallway console.

Think about the finishing touches

We’ll never tire of talking about the little details when it comes to finishing off a room – it’s these things that make your home a home. Fresh flowers and house plants will make a welcome addition to any hallway and can be sized up depending on the space you have to work with. The final touch for you to think about is scent. Luxury decor needs a luxury smell, so contemplate the scent that you want guests to be greeted with on entrance and purchase candles, a room spray or a diffuser to keep it flowing all year round.

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