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How to Create a Luxurious Living Room
How to Create a Luxurious Living Room

Chances are that your living room is the place you spend most of your time; the epicentre of your home and the place you choose to relax and unwind. It’s also a place of entertaining and likely the first place any guests are going to see when you welcome them to your home. Making an impression is important and choosing the best designs for your interior space can be a tricky decision. From statement furniture and wallpaper, to luxury lighting and intricate styling, there’s always another thing to consider when it comes to the perfect living room ambience. There’s no doubt about it, we all want our homes to look as luxurious as possible, and here at AUTHOR, we’re on a mission to help. Here’s our top tips for creating a luxurious living room complete with some of our favourite new-in pieces.


Think about your base

How will you start the design for your room? Paint or wallpaper? Which colour will you opt for? Pulling together a design scheme isn’t easy, especially one for a luxury living room. Thinking about your base is vital as this will inform the rest of your room. Luxury living rooms tend to embrace dark and rich colours such as deep blues, emerald greens and burgundies. Painting the skirting and ceiling as well as the walls will take the room to the next level. A statement wallpaper is also a great way to add depth and intrigue to your room, shop our new in styles for more inspiration.


Embrace the history and heritage of your home

While we’re on the subject of a good base, what features does your living room already have?  Whether you have a house full of original features or not, there are always elements to play into when looking to add some luxury to your living room. Think about how you can make fireplaces and windowsills a feature by painting them in an alternate colour. Painting them in a slightly different shade will accentuate the depth and add a sense of richness to the room. If you’re really looking to make a statement, why not also consider painting the ceiling?


Invest in statement furniture

Incorporating a piece of statement furniture goes a long way in adding personality and creating an extraordinarily luxurious setting. Remember, statement doesn’t have to mean bright and bold armchairs; it could also be a coffee table doubled up as a piece of art or a huge floor lamp that will take all the attention. We’re currently swooning after this resin and rosewood coffee table that can be customised and think it would look great with a set of mid-century style walnut and leather chairs. Consider the rule of three when grouping items of furniture. Matching items won’t create a varied look so choose statement pieces of furniture wisely to add interest to your scheme.


Focus on lighting

As one of the most used rooms in the house, good lighting in the living room is absolutely key. Ironically, it’s the first place homeowners fail with a luxury living room. You need the space to be naturally lit in the daytime and more atmospheric in the evening, while also catering for reading, watching TV and cracking on with crosswords. Layering a mix of wall, ceiling, floor and table lamps is the secret to creating an intimate lighting scheme; a combination of big windows which let in plenty of natural light and strategically placed lamps and ceiling lights will maximise warmth and add character to the room.


Don’t skimp on the window treatments

Your windows provide the backdrop to your room and you need to decide whether you’re going to let them blend into the background or add another element to the room. Getting your drapes custom-made will be highly beneficial for a luxury design scheme and will ensure that no element of your room appears as if it’s been looked over. Our Midnight Limbs Fabric would be a great choice for a pair of dramatic curtains. This abstract design by Iona Crawford is inspired by bare winter trees and the dark hues of the crisp evenings and frosty mornings that occur in Scottish winters. Alternatively, if you want to steer clear of fabric, we also advise for European-style shutters that can add a sense of luxury, enhance character, create depth and a sense of layering.


Hang art

Art is key to a luxurious living room and although it might seem obvious, it’s an instant value-add on. Seek out pieces that complement your personal style and tell a story which will inspire conversations amongst guests. Depending on the size of the room, we advise anywhere between three to five pieces, allowing space for the work to breathe, but ensuring no wall goes without. Think outside the box and try artwork in different mediums. Falling Flowers, a stunning silk piece is produced by the creative team at EvA Bespoke and is a favourite of ours here at AUTHOR. Opt for different heights and spaces depending on your furniture, and try a sculpture for an added sense of luxury.


Consider your electronics

There’s nothing worse than finishing your aesthetic with a great big TV that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the room. Think about how you can hide or store your TV via a media cabinet or built-in storage, or opt for a design friendly option such as the Samsung Serif designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, or the Samsung Frame which stays flat to the wall and displays artwork when not in use.

Samsung Frame TV - Image from

Mix and match textures

Good quality textiles help to make a room to feel luxurious and choosing opulent throws, pillows and rugs will enhance the space and ooze a sense of decadence. Don’t go for a matching aesthetic with your cushions and instead opt for different colours and materials that can be swapped in and out for different seasons and events. Materials such as linen and silk are better for the warmer months, while winter means that you can vamp up the heavier textures such as velvet and wool. A beautiful rug will help to tie the room together and bring warmth and depth to any traditional or contemporary styled space. If you’re looking for something statement, try this red wool rug from Roger Oates.


Add some luxe accessories

Styling your space is the key to creating a home filled with your own personal tastes and preferences. In fact, we even wrote an article on it. Luxury home accessories help to add that something special, depth and detail to a scheme as well as providing conversation starters for you and your guests when entertaining. Think about what you can add to take your design scheme to the next level; candles, vases, decorative accessories and trinket trays are all wonderful ways of adding interest.


Review your styling

Don’t be afraid to take a step back and review the entire room as a whole. Sometimes you need to look at the whole picture and add or remove certain pieces. Tweaking even the smallest of things can make a difference to a room and sometimes trying out different things at the start will help to elevate your scheme. Follow our top tips for styling using luxury home accessories if you’d like to know more.


If you’d like to know more about incorporating statement furniture into your home, the AUTHOR team is here to advise on any aspects of design and furnishing. If you would like any further advice or interior design tips on how to make the most of your interior space, please do get in touch.

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