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5 tips for
Christmas gift wrapping
Christmas gift wrapping

We live in a world where we are constantly pushed for time, especially this time of year when your to-do list seems to trail along the floor behind you. Take a break and set aside some time to evoke your Christmas spirit by doing something fun and thoughtful for others. You may have seen AUTHOR’s tips for Christmas wrapping in Gabriella Bennet’s fantastic book, ‘The Art of Coorie.’ Here they are to help you get creative this Christmas.



Use newspapers or offcuts of wallpaper for wrapping and get quirky with your gift tags.

We like to repurpose old newspapers found under flooring we have lifted up or in cupboards and drawers in homes we are developing or decorating, especially for our book lover friends. For friends who like something more contemporary, we like to use offcuts or leftover wallpaper to make a unique and luxurious gift wrap.

For your gift tags, use offcuts of newspaper stuck to card, or use blackboard paint on one side of card or cardboard so you can write the recipient’s name in chalk. A holly leaf with your loved one’s name written on it in metallic felt-tip pen can also look lovely.



Bring the outdoors in and use what is around you.

Think about the texture of your wrapping, how you want it to look and smell. We love to bring the outside in with our Christmas decorating and gift wrapping, especially as Scotland has so many rich tastes, textures and scents. Posies of holly, ivy berries and pine cones look stunning tied to gifts. Use what is in your garden such as interesting foliage or a stem, such as eucalyptus, from any Christmas bouquets you may have.

If you have a Christmas room spray, spray your inner wrapping as the scent will be a Christmassy delight when your loved one opens their gift. It’s all about creating the scents and feelings of Christmas.



Get creative with your wrapping decorations such as dehydrated fruit, bleached pine cones and leaf skeletons.

We like to make homemade marmalade as a Christmas tradition as a nod to our Dundee roots. If you are making marmalade or fruit cake, cut leftover oranges into slices and and pop them in the oven at a low temperature so they dehydrate. Figs have a great shape and texture when they are dried so try using them for a more contemporary look.

Spray paint holly leaves and pine cones in metallic tones to use in your wrapping. Try bleaching pine cones for a cool-toned vibe. Wearing gloves, bleach the cones. The longer you leave them the whiter they will be. Leave them for less time if you’d like an ashy grey colour. Bleaching leaves to make leaf skeletons is another lovely addition to wrapping.



Think about the inner wrapping and consider how the gift will be received.

We like to use recycled tissue paper for the inner wrapping and a couple of slices of dried orange for a sleeker look. The scent of oranges always creates a Christmassy feel.

However, you need to consider how the gift will be received as this will affect how you dress it up. Adding a Christmas biscuit to a parcel is lovely, but not ideal if sending by post or if there are any pets in the household. Consider how the gift will be delivered, where it will be waiting to be opened on Christmas Day and the fragility of the gift itself.



Set aside time for wrapping and embrace being indoors.

There is less inclination to go outside with the darker mornings and longer, colder nights. Embrace the feeling to hibernate and create shared experiences with those in your household such as the tradition of gift wrapping together whilst you watch your favourite Christmas films.

It is important to set aside time for yourself so you enjoy the Christmassy process of gift wrapping and don’t feel rushed. Sit in front of the fire with all your materials set out. Have a hot toddy or chocolate with a slice of shortbread or tablet waiting at the side as you wrap away to your favourite Christmas songs.


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