why AUTHOR doesn't
do sales
do sales

You may have noticed that we don’t hold an end of season sale.

AUTHOR is a new, heritage brand that brings to the discerning customer high-quality pieces, hand-crafted by skilful artisans from the finest materials and demonstrating exacting attention to detail. The objects and furniture we sell embody our ideals of timeless and classic design, the ethos of slow design and responsible luxury.

Purchasing from AUTHOR is not about bagging a bargain, or consumption for consumption’s sake. Rather, we believe in making carefully considered investments for the future, in furniture and interior items that have been made sustainably and responsibly by talented craftswomen and men across the British Isles. We promote the philosophy and attitude to interior design articulated by industrial designer and academic, Dieter Rams, that we should, “Live better with less that lasts longer;” an ethos by which the company where he worked, Vitsœ, still abides today.


Our products are designed to be future heirloom pieces that will be cherished for a lifetime, and they will age gracefully rather than going out of fashion. In fact, the timber used to make many of our furniture items will become more beautiful as the years pass. We don’t need to clear the shelves at the end of the season to make way for ‘the next thing’ because AUTHOR’s style endures.

Furthermore, our makers produce a large number of the objects in our online shop ‘to order’ and for that reason, we are not holding large quantities of stock.

We are very grateful for the support of our customers. Price will of course be a consideration in most purchases, but we truly believe that each AUTHOR piece brings its new owner honest, lasting value.

Visit our ‘Meet the Makers’ section to learn more about our makers and their approaches.