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Neb Abbott

From his workshop in Manchester, Award-winning Neb Abbott handcrafts these gorgeous and creative sculptural lamps and pendants.

Expertly assembled, Neb Abbott handcrafts his beautiful lamps from wood in his Manchester studio.

After a ten year career as a contemporary dancer, Neb retrained as a furniture and product designer out of a desire to create magical spaces through scene stealing lighting. Inspired by the possibilities of digital production, Neb uses proficient laser cutting to create the stunning wood and card pieces of his desk lamps and pendant lampshades that he hand assembles to create his exquisite lamps.

His beautiful designs are based on interesting shapes such as truncated icosahedrons or shapes seen in nature such as inverted tulips. Their neutrality in colour makes them perfect for any space and a fantastic conversation starter.

Author's Choice

We love the shape of Neb's pieces such as the inverted tulip as it has such presence. These lamps are appealing either when lit or not because of their shape but also the way in which they play with light, casting gorgeous shadows ingeniously through the sharp laser cut design.

We love to use the Kite and Snap lamps in their black colour way which is made by Neb exclusively for AUTHOR. They create a lovely warm glow on desks, bookshelves and awkward spaces and corners. The Tulip Lampshade, with its gorgeous jute cabling, is ideal for both traditional and contemporary styled rooms due to its beautiful, neutral colouring.

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