Organic Herbal Tea

Using only natural ingredients, Gail Bryden makes these most gorgeous herbal teas and other wellbeing products.

At the heart of JustBe Botanicals is the desire to restore emotional balance and enhance a sense of wellbeing.

AUTHOR's herbal tea is lovingly handmade in Edinburgh, Scotland by JustBe Botanicals, using purely natural ingredients with the soul purpose of making you feel consciously alive. Our core values are authenticity, passion and positive intent.

JustBe has been developed by Scottish Aromatherapist Gail Bryden to encourage others to simply 'just be' yourself. After accepting she had burnt out, Gail retrained, reframed and rebooted her life, choosing alternative therapies as a way of navigating the rocky road of recovery from mental and physical exhaustion. Tapping into her inner GPS, she opened up to new possibilities. Learning the ancient Hawaiian healing rituals of Lomi Lomi, blending massage oils and training as a clinical aromatherapist all led to the creation of her own wellbeing and beauty brand – JustBe Botanicals.

Her all natural, aromatherapy inspired skincare, home fragrance, organic herbal teas and chocolate collections quickly picked up awards, acknowledging the high quality, wellbeing brand status it has.

"JustBe uses positive language to encourage us to focus our attention on what we want. Aromatherapy's a powerful way to bypass the conscious mind and access the place in our brain where memories and emotions are stored. Which is why our sense of smell and aromatherapy can change the way that we feel.” - Gail Bryden

Author's Choice

We adore this tea as it is the perfect mix of calm and fresh. It is restorative as it freshens you up but also soothes you making it perfect for morning or night. We love that it is purely organic making it cleaner and healthier for you body. It is more substantial in flavour than commercial chamomile that comes in teabags. Chamomile on its own can taste like straw sometimes so spearmint is the ideal blend to give it an edge.