Figurative lighting sculptures

Margit Wittig creates figurative sculptures, lamps and occasional furniture in her London based studio.

These unusual and quirky lamps and mirrors are filled with personality and character.

Originally trained in physiotherapy, it is no wonder Margit Wittig is fascinated by the figurative shape and anatomy. Growing up, her mother was an artist and inspired her to always be busy 'making' things from papier-mâché puppets to sowing stage curtains; making things and being creative has always been a part of Margit's life.

She loves to see how her creations evolve. When she starts a new sculpture there is always some intention as to how the piece will look but she is always interested in seeing how the creation turns out. She has applied this artistic eye to mirrors, lamps and other interior furniture and accessories and works with interior designers and private clients all over the world.

Using bronze resin and handmade glass elements, her creations are unique and filled with individuality. The built up layers of resin on her mirror frames are engaging and full of texture as are her portrait lamps such as the Faya Lamp (pictured here on the right). The design of the side profile reminds us of beautiful Ancient Roman pottery giving her pieces a timeless feel as they look like contemporary artefacts, reiterating their heirloom piece potential. This longevity makes her designs ideal for both traditional and modern style interiors.

Author's Choice

We adore the sculptural element to Margit's work. There is much for the eye to feast on with the textural form and fascinating shape of her pieces. The complimentary contrast in the bronze of the resin and the jewel-like hues of the glass is gorgeous and eye-catching.

We love that she focuses on bespoke made lamps, creating pieces that are truly one of a kind and individual to the owner. All her designs have so much personality and we love how different and unique they are.