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British Made Luxury Designer Lighting


Lighting is an important part of interior design that can often be overlooked. It plays a vital role in creating an atmosphere in your home, whether that is a romantic glow for cosy evenings in living rooms through dimmable wall lights, table and floor lamps or using a cooler, brighter light for task lighting in office and home study spaces. Here are our five reasons why investing in British made luxury designer lighting can help you create that lasting, welcoming environment you desire in your home.

1. Quality

Motu Lamp

British craftsmanship is synonymous with high quality and attention to detail. These luxury, high quality lighting pieces are made with good quality materials and under fair and ethical labour standards, making sure the skilled artisan who made it is paid fairly for their craft. A slower approach is also taken to design and create these often limited edition pieces, meaning they will last longer and are environmentally friendly as the materials they are made from are responsibly and sustainably sourced.

Quality lighting is innovative and ever developing. Using the latest technologies such as LEDs makes it much more cost-effective in the long run than buying mass-produced items made from low quality materials. Quality British-made lighting that is handcrafted also means more availability for bespoke variations; to create a piece that is individual, personal and truly unique to you and your space.

Duck Feet Lamp by Porta Romana

Our founder, interior designer Jane Adams, has a Porta Romana Duck Feet Lamp in her home that is 10+ years old and it still looks brand new because it has been forged and crafted to such a high standard and quality in the UK by the renowned British lighting designer company.

2. Supporting British Makers

Tusk Wall Light in Metal Finish (also available in leather)
Gil Table Lamp by Nocturne Workshop

When you invest in exceptionally well-made British designer lighting, you are supporting national and local British manufacturing. Many of the makers we feature in our collections are one man bands or lead small teams of skilled craftspeople. Our AUTHOR’s Own range, such as our Tusk Wall Light, is commissioned from local metalworkers and leatherworkers, meaning we are investing in our local economy whilst also supporting Scottish designers and makers.

As these makers are masters in their craft, many use classic making methods and techniques, keeping traditional British crafts alive such as metalworking and forging. Nocturne Workshop‘s Gil Table Lamp is a favourite of ours and a prime example of this. Its cast iron base and hand spun aluminium shade are made to order, allowing you to adapt the design to your space. Nocturne Workshop table lamps are made from sustainably sourced hardwoods and aluminium by a small team of specialist craftspeople in Manchester and are built to last and age beautifully with time.

Standard Lamp by Mark Lowe Lighting

Mark Lowe Lighting‘s Standard Lamp is anything but standard. This stunning floor lamp is made by Mark himself in his Nottingham workshop. Using traditional woodworking techniques, this Scandinavian inspired design is made from sustainably sourced timber such as Ash and Oak. Its beautifully simple and minimal design with exquisite groove detailing can be customised with your own flex and shade colour so this high-quality floor lamp can sit at home in either traditional or contemporary styled spaces.

Both Mark and Nocturne’s pieces do not sit at astronomical price points, something we have been working on at AUTHOR as we know that price is a major consideration with luxury designer lighting. We are constantly searching for British designers and makers to bring into the AUTHOR fold that offers high-quality craftsmanship at affordable prices so there is more range of choice.

3. Uniqueness

Arda Bar Light by Jan Lennon

Whilst investing in luxury British lighting supports manufacturing in the UK, it also promotes new and innovative design that we are seeing across the country. High-quality, designer lighting can be multifunctional often working not only as a source of light. Many can function as interesting sculptures. Choose exquisitely shaped lights that work well with your style and blend in nicely, not overshadowing other furniture pieces in your interior space.

Minimalist, sculptural, ceiling lights, such as Jan Lennon‘s Arda Bar Light, are a simple yet effective way to give a space a more styled aesthetic without being too loud. With its gorgeous steam bent looped arms, the handcrafted Arda Bar Light adds a point of interest above kitchen islands, dining spaces and in residential or commercial office spaces. Its LED bulb offers a bright light that is ideal for task lighting and fortunately, it is also dimmable and you can alter its colour temperature on order. This means you can make the light warmer and more suitable for intimate gatherings around a dining or kitchen table.

Aston Table Lamp by Fritz Fryer

Fritz Fryer Lighting‘s Aston Table Lamp is a perfect example of a table lamp also functioning as an interesting sculptural piece. The Aston’s steampunk aesthetic makes it a beautiful and eclectic piece to sit on a table even when it isn’t lit. Its design draws on the rich engineering history of the Midlands, where it is made, and it is fully customisable with choice of glass and metal finish options. The Aston has a much warmer light so it is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms to create a cosy feel as well as acting as a sculptural conversation starter.

Facet Pendant Lights by Iluka London

Grouping unique and high-quality pendant lights is another way to add a point of interest in your home. Grouping these beautiful pieces together, such as Iluka London‘s Facet Pendant Light, above staircases and rooms with high ceilings allows the pendants to function as lights as well as sculptural art. The Facet Pendant Light in particular has a warm white light that shines elegantly through the solid resin it is crafted from, highlighting its gorgeous English elm burr and brushed brass fitting. This exceptional pendant light looks exquisite when displayed on its own in a hallway or in a grouping above breakfast bars and dining areas.

4. Multifunctionality

Outdoor Light Slate Stool by Art Futuro
Hazel Floor Lamp by J Adams & Co.

Unique luxury lighting is not just for indoor spaces. High-quality British-made outdoor lighting can be just as unique and multifunctional. Art Futuro‘s Outdoor Light Slate Stool is not only an outdoor light but a seat and sculptural piece as well. Handcrafted in Stirling from beautiful glass fibre-backed slate veneer, this outdoor light works as a sculptural piece when it is not lit due to the exquisite slate used to make it. When lit, it showcases the slate beautifully whilst also lighting outdoor entertaining areas. It is also conveniently battery powered so there is no worry of any trip hazards with tangling cables.

J.Adams & Co.‘s Hazel Floor Lamp is another example of quality British-made outdoor lighting. This gorgeous lantern can be used to light outdoor spaces in a decorative and elegant manner with its refined lantern design. The LED bulb is placed in the underside of the top of the lantern and so you and your guests will not hurt your eyes from staring into a naked bulb. It also has a battery-powered variant if you want to move it from outside to a bathrom.

5. Specificity 

Warwick Wall Light by Fosbery Studio

As discussed in our article about how to get better sleep through your interiors, light is an important signal to the body’s intrinsic rhythms. Studies have shown that, “light exerts profound effects on our physiology and behaviour, setting our biological clocks to the correct time and regulating when we are asleep and we are awake.” Warmer and more redder tones of light, such as LEDS that mimic incandescent lighting (around 2,700 kelvin, also know as ‘warm white’) are less harsh on your eyes, creating a subtler and more relaxing ambience in your home. This is because, as Celebrity GP Dr. Rangan Chatterjee states, “red is the wavelength that has the least impact on your body’s circadian clock.” It is why red lights are suggested to be used as night lights as they aren’t as stimulating for your eyes and brain.

By contrast, bluer light (around 3,500 kevin and known as ‘cool white’) has the opposite effect. You’ll know yourself, if you have ever replaced your indoor down lighters with cool white LED bulbs and it has produced that harsh, off-putting light that just doesn’t seem right for your living space. This fluorescent lighting is more suited to commercial and business spaces as studies have shown it, “causes behavioural arousal,” making you more awake and alert. With high quality lighting, you can specify what type of light you want to use to create a particular atmosphere in your home.

Ripley Wall Light by Fosbery Studio

As quality designer lighting is usually made to order, you can also specify what bespoke variations you need for your interior space. Fosbery Studio‘s tasteful Warwick and Ripley Wall Lights are designed specifically for task lighting. Their multi-directional hinges allow them to be moved to light up walls, architectural features of even act as feature picture lighting. They could even be adapted to be used as bedroom reading lights if required.

The enhancement in lighting technologies also allows you to have more efficient control of your lighting. Mobile apps can now be used to control lighting in your home or a simple 5 amp circuit system where all your table and floor lamps come on with the flick of one switch, saving you time. We have already seen hotels, such as citizenM, adopt the wider colour choices LEDs can give you through mobile and tablet apps. It is worth exploring the options available to you to create the perfect ambience in your home with quality, luxury, designer lighting that lasts.

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