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Why an AUTHOR piece is
not just for Christmas
not just for Christmas

They say that a puppy is not just for Christmas, the same could be said for an interior piece from AUTHOR. Just like purchasing a beautiful piece of jewellery or art to add to your personal collection that can be passed down as a future heirloom, an AUTHOR piece can be an enduring gift long after Christmas has passed.


Long Lasting

Real, organic figs cast into bronze by Alice-Andrea Ewing in her Suffolk studio
Silver Spoons handcrafted by Sarah Cave in Blairgowrie

Furniture and interior accessories from AUTHOR are all handcrafted from skilled artisans across the British Isles. These makers use the finest materials, sustainably sourced, and handcraft their pieces to the highest quality using a combination of contemporary techniques and traditional craft methods. This standard and quality of making gives these pieces longevity in your home, allowing them to stand the test of time, a true testament to British craftsmanship.

Silversmith Bryony Knox working in her Edinburgh based studio

At AUTHOR, we want to shift expectations of our clients and customers, so that a furniture purchase is expected to last many years, seeing its owner through house moves and changes in fashion. These pieces can be handed down through the generations in your family to be cherished and valued for a lifetime.


Investments for the future

Loop Oval Tray by Tom Trimmins using offcuts for the base and legs so nothing goes to waste

At Christmas time, we buy so generously for children to make that time feel more special and memorable. Perhaps we should be as generous gifting ourselves or a loved one with an exceptional piece that is individual and made to last, bringing joy for years to come.

As AUTHOR pieces are made in small runs or bespoke to order in Britain by talented makers, they can sit at a higher price point which will be something for customers and clients to consider. Nevertheless, investing in an enduring AUTHOR piece means you are investing in the time and process to make that unique piece. This applies not only to the time spent making an object but also to the process of perfecting skills; for example, someone who can turn wood has spent years mastering the process and refining their own style.

Tom Trimmins has been creating beautiful timber accessories and furniture for over 10 years

Our pieces age gracefully and are designed with a classic and timeless design in mind so they will never go out of fashion. In fact, the timber used to make many of our furniture items will become more exquisite as the years pass, as will the bronze and vegetable tanned leather. They will age beautifully, retaining their quality and value such as a loved antique would.


Environmentally friendly

All AUTHOR candles are made from soy or vegetarian, plant based wax

Our growing network of British-based makers are mindful of sustainability and responsible production, which is something we applaud and support. They source materials from local suppliers where they can and ensure they uphold the correct certification such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) with timber, using offcuts where possible so nothing goes to waste. The materials and methods used by these makers are non-toxic, making sure to eliminate substances and processes that can be harmful to the environment.

Blackpop use environmentally-friendly inks to print their wallpapers/hangings

AUTHOR pieces are never mass produced, made with cheap, pollutant materials or outsourced to factories or companies with unethical treatment of its labour force. We want people to consider carefully the objects with which they furnish their homes and to adopt a mindful attitude towards buying furniture for life. We are asking our customers to not buy for consumption’s sake but to buy less, with more consideration.

Pressured or impulsive buying costs more in the long run, as one is drawn into a cycle of continual and wasteful re-buying. Habitual re-buying causes serious effects to the environment when outmoded or unwanted items are thrown away. Investing in long lasting pieces decreases the adverse effects on the environment as they are designed, made and loved at a slower and more thoughtful pace – the true essence of what slow design is.


Supporting local British craftsmanship

This dappled beetle linen is created in Northern Ireland using the traditional method of 'beetling'
Michelle Porter uses lavender grown on her family farm to create her natural beauty products

Purchasing an AUTHOR piece supports small businesses across the British Isles. The majority of our makers are one man bands or are small teams made up of skilled and specialised craftspeople. In buying one of their interior pieces, you will be purchasing something that is made with skill and passion, upholding the traditions of the craft that has created it. We want to play a part in encouraging and championing traditional British crafts and manufacturing that have been in decline for decades. Our AUTHOR’s Own pieces, such as our Ellipse Side Tables and Chamfered Floor Length Mirror, are all commissioned by local metalworkers and furniture makers close to AUTHOR HQ, investing back into our community of skilled craftspeople and local economy.


Needing advice or help to source a unique Christmas gift for your nearest and dearest? The AUTHOR team is always on hand to help so please do get in touch.

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