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PHAT Design Studio
PHAT Design Studio

PHAT is a design studio based in Britain that represents the collaborative work and professional partnership of Claudia Surrage and Christian Cowper. We have added PHAT’s quirky and functional Tor and Terra Stools to our collections. Claudia and Christian spoke to us about their stunning work and the inspiration behind it.

Tor Stool
Christian in the studio

Where did your passion for making come from?

Claudia: A subconscious need! Making is an integral part of our life and both our family histories, this inevitably seeped into our own work aspirations.

Were you always interested in creating things from childhood?

Christian: Making has always been something I have done. Growing up seeing my father and his father make projects together was really inspiring.

Claudia at work

How did your business start?

Christian: We met at Northumbria University, both studying Three Dimensional Design: Furniture and Product. Through various creative endeavours; our love for art, design and simply making things formed a strong friendship. Alongside our final major projects at Northumbria University, the development of numerous collaborative projects were also underway. Projects spanned through ceramics, jewellery and furniture design. The progression, motivation and positivity of working collaboratively strengthened each others focus, growing our creative pastimes into something more legitimate: Phat.

Where do you draw inspiration for your pieces from?

Claudia: Inspiration is generally a reaction to something we want to improve or express!

Christian: We design to explore our curiosities, expressing questions we have about the world around us; whether that be the intertwined crafts that aided the development of civilisation (Primitive Forms – our collection that features the Tor and Terra Stools), or using the design process as a therapy for overcoming intense mental health difficulties (Bench Gang- another one of our collections). Our hope is that the work we create can intrigue its viewers to seek more depth in design than just the aesthetics, function or innovation – design is functional expression.

Terra Stool

What is your favourite part of the making process?

Claudia: There is something really satisfying about making scale models of ideas and starting to see an idea come to fruition. Computer renderings don’t quite have the same effect!

Is there any specific part you enjoy the most or do you enjoy the overall process as a whole?

Claudia: It is very enjoyable to create, it is very freeing. We feel extremely privileged, not only to produce work, but also have the empathy to appreciate the work of our fellow artists and designers! When you see or create something that just clicks it is exhilarating; this is the feeling we chase after and pushes us forward.

Christian at work
Tor Stool

Do you have any particular design heroes or other makers your work has been influenced by?

Claudia: Too many! I have heroes from across the creative spectrum, to name a few: Alexandre Calder for his wire figures and utensils, and Stefan Sagmeister for his views on creative thought. Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford is also very influential and inspirational – it ignites you with creative ideas, and a real appreciation for the crafts and beliefs spanning many cultures and time.

Any upcoming pieces or projects you’d like to tell us about?

Christian: We are working on a lighting project – it’s really enjoyable and creatively challenging. It is a refreshing change of focus as the majority of our projects have been furniture-based.


Terra Stool
Tor Stool

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