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Spotlight on the maker:
Claire Malet
Claire Malet

At AUTHOR, we are focusing on expanding our range of luxury furniture and home accessory pieces that are made in Britain sustainably and with the environment in mind. Our newest maker, Claire Malet, an award-winning sculptor and silversmith who works from her studio in England fits just that with her amazing work using recycled metals.

Claire in her studio

Claire’s studio is based in rural Herefordshire which is no wonder why nature is one of the biggest inspirations behind her work.

“My studio overlooks orchards, hills and woodland; I spend a good deal of time walking, looking at the landscape and the details within it and the changes through the year. I have no interest in copying nature, but aim to capture my experience of it with the objective of making pieces that are a response to the fragile and complex relationship between us, the natural world and the extraordinary materials it provides.”

Eroded Bowls

This inspiration can be seen with her Sylvan Relics, made from 100% recycled, certified 925 Sterling Silver, that has been hallmarked. These two silver sculptures resemble tree bark or dried leaves that could be found on the forest floor in Autumn. This is also seen with Claire’s Autumn Husk pieces, that resemble natural forms that can be found when foraging the forest floor in Autumn.

Sylvan Relics

Claire also enjoys drawing inspiration from the characteristics of the medium itself, working intuitively, allowing the metal to suggest a direction and find a relationship with the subject.

The metal Claire uses is all recycled. For her silver pieces, Claire uses 100% recycled Sterling Silver 925 that has been hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office. This type of silver is also known as ‘ecosilver’ where silver has been melted down and reformed instead of mining more silver from the environment. The use of recycled silver is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The Teasel Vessels and Eroded Bowls that Claire makes are crafted from domestic food tin cans that she has worked and gilded with 24ct gold leaf, elevating them from everyday items to unique and exquisite sculptures.


Claire’s work has been exhibited across Britain in renowned establishments such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, the National Museum of Wales and Manchester Art Gallery as well as abroad in cities such as Venice, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Stockholm and Melbourne. She is often commissioned to make sculptures for foundations and businesses such as the British Allied Trades Federation and New College Oxford. We are delighted to feature Claire’s beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces in our collections.


Autumn Husks
Eroded Bowls
Teasel Vessels
Sylvian Relics

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