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Private Client: Rupert Lumsden




Why did you enlist help of an interior designer?

I was bringing pieces from an established home into a blank canvas and having someone who wasn’t emotionally attached to what should be included in the move was most helpful. With Jane’s expert eye, she was able to specify new pieces that would marry and complement some of my current pieces and mixing tradition with contemporary was invaluable.

Having a team to source and take the hassle out of researching, finding the right products, ordering, delivering and putting everything in place was key as overall I wanted the house to work as a whole and that objective has been fully achieved.


What are you looking for in your home in terms of atmosphere, look and feel?

I wanted a home that reflected my personality and one that showed off my family’s heirlooms and precious pieces in a non-stuffy and contemporary setting. To give you an example, I recycled some Lumsden tartan from old curtains that were in the dining room and reupholstered two wing chairs and brought them up to date and modern by adding leather stripe detail to the fabric.


What are your favourite pieces in your new home and why?

I love the mustard leather around the large round mirror, which is in my new media room. I appreciate the bold and clever design every time I look at it. It sits on a very dark coloured wall and the yellow literally sings. It is so unusual and eye catching.

In the past I commissioned a drinks cabinet from Angus Ross as I’ve always admired his clever designs and spectacular craftsmanship. I was absolutely delighted to commission Angus to make a console table for the entrance hall which is just perfect.


Are there any other pieces that you love?

Yes, I adore the stunning ceramics that AUTHOR have sourced. In particular, a Japanese inspired crackle raku pot, which provides a real focal point in my bedroom. I am also delighted with my AUTHOR bespoke dining chairs. The leather and fabric combination is ideal and really complements each other.



What is your favourite room and why?

I love the drawing room as it has perfect Georgian proportions and filled with the combination of antique pieces and belongings brought from my former home, which includes a rocking horse and a family portrait which was painted in the 1890’s of three young girls with one sitting on the rocking horse.


How did you find the experience of working with the AUTHOR team?

The AUTHOR team really have taken the hassle out of pulling everything together in each and every room, hanging pictures and lights, filling bookcases, ordering cutlery, corkscrews and rugs.

They have responded extremely well to the overall design concepts and the space has been well considered. I have felt involved at every stage and feel that each room has been designed with me in mind and reflects who I am as well as encompassing the luxury, warmth and style that I was so keen to achieve.

Jane has introduced me to pieces and designs that I would never have found or been brave enough to use and as a result I have a space I adore.


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Crackle Raku Pot
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Giacometti Leaf Lamp
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Helvellyn Double Whisky Tumbler

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