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New Year, New Wallpaper
New Year, 
New Wallpaper

As we are once again spending more time at home for the foreseeable future, wallpaper is a great way to see a quick change around in your home if you feel you need it. From abstract patterns on feature walls to big, full wall murals, experimenting with wallpaper is the perfect approach to be bold with your walls.

Take yourself out of your comfort zone and put your best, brave foot forward this new year with some of our gorgeous wallpaper designs below, all ethically made in Britain.

Evergreen and Yield

Evergreen Wallpaper

These eye-catching designs are created by Scottish artist and textile designer, Iona Crawford, in her Atelier in the West End of Glasgow.  Iona uses the environment around her to inspire her designs: the Scottish landscape, weather and culture.

Evergreen is an abstract print of fishing cages, something commonly seen stacked high on the piers of small, coastal, fishing villages in Scotland. This design can be scaled up which is seen below with the wallpaper being used in a lodge in South Africa, styled by Michele Throssell.

Image from Iona Crawford

Yield is a part of Iona’s Secret Garden collection. This collection features designs that were inspired by the unspoiled Victorian walled garden where rare and remarkable produce is grown for the late renowned chef, Andrew Fairlie’s patented two-star Michelin restaurant at Gleneagles Hotel. Iona studied and photographed Andrew’s garden and created abstract designs for tableware and soft furnishings that are characterful and unique. Although Yield is a bold design, its monochromatic colour palette allows you to experiment with a pop of colour somewhere else in your space.

Image from Iona Crawford
Yield Wallpaper

Forest and Speed

Forest Wallpaper in copper

The wonderful designs by Janet Hodcroft at Hevensent based in Cheshire, are whimsical yet elegant. Janet has brought to life traditional British storytelling through these wallpaper designs. The inspiration came from the stories Janet would tell her children to keep them entertained before bedtime. The stories grew to have illustrations and soon turned into story wallpapers.

Forest tells the magical story of the forest coming to life at night. Animals, such as foxes and owls, are hidden amongst the beautiful oak leaf foliage. Forest is available in a range of colours: Copper, Gold, Grey, Dark Blue and Dark Green. The Dark Green (Dark Moss) colourway was recently put in a client’s home and it is simply stunning.

Speed Wallpaper

Janet has a sole focus on British manufacturing which is something we support wholeheartedly. Her focus on producing her wallpapers ethically with less impact on the environment is something we admire and adheres to our values here at AUTHOR.

The beauty of Janet’s wallpapers is that they are ageless in design, fitting right at home in an adult’s hallway or a child’s bedroom. Speed is a playful design featuring rabbits racing to an important date in a car. Available in a variety of colours, they look as if they have jumped out of a children’s book and bring much joy to any room they are placed.

Mairi Helena’s abstract designs

Coruisk Ink Wallpaper

We feature a selection of the talented Mairi Helena’s designs in our British made collection. Mairi is a Scottish artist and textile designer who uses the Scottish landscape and nature to inspire her designs. Mairi’s wallpapers range in mood and colour palettes, providing timeless abstract designs that work as feature walls.

Courisk Ink is the latest design we have added to our wallpaper collection. Inspired by the deep, moody waters of the Isle of Skye’s inky Loch Coruisk, this wallpaper has a unique complementary contrast of rich navy blue and apricot. The shapes of the fauna surrounding the loch can be seen in the pattern which is deeply rooted in nature.

Summer Isle Wallpaper

Summer Isle gives you the fresh, bright colours of Spring which is inspired by Mairi’s travels around the Summer Isles in 2018 which featured fabulous weather, unspoiled shorelines and crimson skies. This wallpaper is a shot of joy that is very much needed without being overbearing.

Highland Tundra gives us calm contemplation which is also needed in these unprecedented times. The rich neutral tones of a Scottish winter and the scenery of Scotland’s isolated beaches abstractly displayed invite soothing and quiet meditation.

Highland Tundra Wallpaper


Hampton Gold Wallpaper

If you are looking for a show-stopper for your walls, it is always wise to go with the iconic designs of Blackpop, a luxury independent label that specialises in wallpapers, fabrics and home furnishings in Derbyshire. Run by artists and creative designers Maxine Hall and Paula Moss, Blackpop’s designs bring historic classics to the future. Using motifs from paintings from the National Portrait Gallery, famous architectural drawings from museums and literature classics, Blackpop invent something new, bold and exciting.

Hampton Gold is an example of this. This luxurious wallpaper is designed in collaboration with the Sir John Soane Museum, dismantling and rejigging architectural drawings from Robert Adam and Sir John Soane. The Neoclassical ceiling painting motifs of intertwining bodies, cherubs, horses and textiles layered on top of each other are inspired from a sketch of the ceiling of the Queen’s State Bed Chamber at Hampton Court Palace, 1715, by Sir James Thornhill.

Paradise Found Wall Mural
Paradise Lost Wall Mural

All Blackpop designs are digitally printed here in Britain with environmentally friendly inks, so no nasty ingredients are put out into the environment. Launched at Decorex 2019, their Paradise collection features designs based on John Milton’s epic poem, ‘Paradise Lost.’ Two of their designs Paradise Lost and Paradise Found are available as wall murals. Both have a soothing colour palette and beautiful linework that can be seen amongst the clothing, clouds, fauna and birds. An iconic Blackpop splat is located on the left in the centre in case a mirror image is wanted for a full-scale wall.

You can view our collection of exquisite wallpapers here. All our wall covering pieces are designed and made in Britain ethically and with sustainability in mind. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss some of our wallpaper options or receive samples:

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