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Vicky Higginson

Vicky Higginson’s work combines hot glass and cold-working to create beautiful, unique pieces.

From her studio in Edinburgh, Vicky Higginson creates these stunning and creative glass pieces.

Vicky started working with glass during her degree in 3D Design in Manchester and went on to complete her Masters in Glass at the University of Sunderland. Since then, she has been working and living in Edinburgh, undertaking many domestic and international residencies.

Her work combines hot glass and cold-working with glass forms handblown and worked into using cutting, carving and engraving techniques to create vessels and sculptural forms exploring the relationships between form, pattern and colour. This can be seen in her beautiful decanter pieces where different coloured glass pieces can be mixed and matched. The stoppers of the decanters have delicate and intricate idiosyncratic marks etched by Vicky using cold working tools in her studio.

Vicky also combines her interest in design, particularly Japanese, Scandinavian and Mid Century with love for the material. Through her work she explores the properties of glass, working with layers of colour, pattern, texture and transparency. This can be seen with her Shino Glass Vases and Tea Bowls. The pattern on these glass vases and tea bowls echo the traditional Japanese ‘shino’ ceramic glaze, and are sandblasted to create a tactile surface texture, which contrasts with the smooth black, white or red sections of the pieces.

Author's Choice

We adore the innovative and unique designs, patterns and textures of Vicky's work. Her decanters are beautiful and remind us of the rooftops and turrets of castles from childhood fairytales. The range of colours are delightful and we love the different personalities each decanter exudes. They look exquisite on their own or in a colourful grouping.

Vicky's Shino pieces are stunning with their sand blasted texture that contrasts so beautifully with the smoother sections of the pieces, such as the bottom of the vases and the inside of the tea bowls. The inspiration of Japanese design can be seen clearly in these elegant and sophisticated pieces.

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