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Iona Crawford

Iona Crawford is a Scottish artist and textile designer who creates her stunning, talented designs for fashion and interiors in the West End of Glasgow.

Iona Crawford’s versatile designs bring a bold, unique and contemporary look to any room or space.

Scottish landscapes and the natural environment feature greatly in this maker’s designs, much to do with her upbringing on her parents’ farm in rural Stirlingshire. This also sparked her vast understanding and respect towards Scotland’s rich historical tapestry of textile work such as the mills and weavers as well as the artisanal materials that they expertly worked with.

It was this inspiration and her enthusiasm for learning that led to her first-class degree from the renowned Edinburgh College of Art. She notes that an integral part of her experience in textile design was working with Johnson’s of Elgin in her final year and after graduation. Working with Johnson’s, Iona was able to work with some of the world’s most beautiful cashmere and wools. It heightened her need to learn and master these tailoring intricacies. With this grew her exposure to the industry, leading her to build her brand which has gained great success globally, especially in cities such as London, Paris, Tokyo and New York and celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Rewarded with her clients’ ecstatic reactions, Iona enjoys every part of the design and making process, particularly the reveal of a concept to a client. Each design starts from an original piece of artwork that Iona creates on location and then develops in her Atelier. Her original paintings have been acquired by collectors all over the world.

Iona has created our Cherub Madras for us using motifs from AUTHOR’s manse headquarters. Madras is her current favourite material to work with for interiors, especially as she is able to challenge old perceptions of it in the industry to make it something on trend and present.

Author's Choice

This designer has a wonderful contemporary eye. We love her ability to take a flat, digital concept from a client and translate it into something with depth and character. Her experience and knowledge of madras and lace has been so vital to achieve the beautiful outcome of our Cherub Madras that we have commissioned from her.

We also admire this maker’s adherence to 100% British manufacture. The beauty of forming close working relationships to the people that create your materials and to have that face to face interaction is truly inspiring. It reminds us of how pivotal it is to support local and home-grown talent especially when many traditional British crafts are slowly dying. Iona is able to take a traditional material and make something truly contemporary, chic and everlasting.

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