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Steve Cook

Steve Cook is a designer and maker of beautiful handmade objects in ceramic, wood & sustainable plastic


Steve has been fascinated with vessels and in particular bowls for a life time. He started collecting ceramics 20 years ago and having drawn and painted but never done anything in 3D wondered what it felt like to make them. In 2015 he moved to Farnham and its strong craft heritage gave him an opportunity to try throwing clay on a wheel at Farnham Pottery and from that point he was hooked!

He had been making pottery for a few years and selling work at the odd craft fair however due to working in the energy industry had very little time to focus on his personal adventure. In 2022 Steve left the corporate world to start his own studio - a mixture of turning 50, his craft and skill maturing and a simple hunger for making caused him to take the plunge.

With an eclectic range of influences, including Brutalist, Minimalist and Modernist architecture, Scandinavian and Mid-century Modern design and furniture, biology – for example cell structures, sci-fi art, Korean and Japanese contemporary ceramics, contemporary product and graphic design and avant-garde fashion.

Steve’s favourite part of the making process is throwing on the wheel – the process of creating forms from a simple lump of clay is like a constant miracle to him. There is a feeling of birth and rebirth in addition to the total absorption in the process mentally and physically.

One of the processes that he finds really inspiring is finding harmony in the combination and juxtaposition of ceramics with other materials such as wood and sustainable plastic and also the combination of ancient techniques such as wheel throwing with more modern methods. For crafting forms such as CNC machining which have a digital element.

As a ceramicist the UK is a fabulous place to work – there is such a strong tradition and appreciation of studio pottery. In turn this creates community and support networks. He has gained a wealth of experience from the skilful potter, Myra McDonnell, who was his tutor at Farnham Pottery and was part of the New Designers 2023.

Author's Choice

This designer creates serene sculptural ceramics, combining digital technologies with hand thrown porcelain and recycled sustainable plastic. His pieces have clean utility styling; the perfect mix of function and beauty and will sit equally happily on a mantle or display shelf as well as in use on your desk.

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