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Tom Trimmins

Tom Trimmins is a woodworker and cabinet-maker working from his Islington workshop.

From his workshop in Islington, Tom Trimmins hand crafts his stunning, high quality, looped designs.

Woodworking and cabinet-making is more than just a job for Tom it is a lifelong passion. From being given his first work bench and real tools at 8 years old, he developed his adoration for sculpture and making through school then during his degree in Furniture Design and Craftsmanship.

After graduating, he worked for a few renowned furniture companies before starting his own business in 2009 that he runs today. Teaching is a large part of his work and which he enjoys, running various types of woodworking classes.

Sustainability is a main concern to Tom which is why he tries to use as little wood as possible in creating his pieces. He carefully selects specific timber from timber yards around North London, which is his favourite part of the process, sifting through boards to find the perfect combination of colour, structure and interesting grain pattern. All his offcuts are burnt in his home to keep his family warm and his wood shavings go into compost at a local garden project, so nothing is wasted.

He favours working with hard woods such as oak, ask and black walnut but also likes to work with high quality soft woods such as Douglas Fir and Cedar. He prefers to avoid working with tropical hardwoods as he feels they should remain in the rainforest, as do we, but can appreciate how fascinating they are, like any timber enthusiast which this maker truly is.

Author's Choice

We adore Tom's expert skills that are evident in his beautiful designs. His passion for woodwork is shown with his exploration and experimentation in woodworking techniques. His steam bent shapes are simple and sophisticated with their exquisite details, such as the copper tacts and brass screws and hooks that compliments the stunning timber Tom has chosen to make his pieces.

Having no unnecessary embellishments allows the elegant looped shapes to speak for themselves and something we positively love.

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