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Max McCance

Max McCance is a leading exponent of ‘technorganic design’ based in rural Fife.

Max McCance’s unique work combines forms seen in nature with contemporary sculptural elements, pushing at the boundaries of classical furniture structure and combining traditional forms with contemporary sculptural elements.

The design of Max McCance’s furniture is inspired by nature and natural forms. From the galactic scale to the sub-atomic, he seeks to capture objects that are beautiful but which have an unease to them. He likes to challenge perceptions of what a piece of furniture is, and what it can be, in a quest to improve on beauty and to make it more interesting.

He cites oak as his favourite timber to work with. It is a difficult timber, being hard and having no tolerance, but he finds this adds to the reward of the end result. He also prefers the look of aged oak and the appeal of owning a beautiful piece which changes its appearance over time.

Max grew up in Glasgow, and as a child enjoyed making things as well as watching his father make things. He has always worked in wood but has metalworking skills, which enable him to carry out the welding required for some of his pieces.

He was influenced initially by Russian furniture maker, James Krenov. However, a turning point in his career came after attending an exhibition in Florence where he saw work by Arnaldo Pomodoro. He was inspired by this to take a similar approach but in wood.

In the 1980s, Max spent some time in Italy studying and then working and setting up his own studio in Tuscany. He returned to Scotland in the late 1980s. Today, Max works from his workshop in Scotland.

Author's Choice

As with many of the makers and pieces which we have added to the AUTHOR collections, Max’s work is inspired by the area in-between art and usefulness and whether the two can be successfully combined. Max aims to create pieces of furniture which, as well as functional, are a joy to behold. To create a piece that the owner looks forward to seeing when they arrive home and that positively enhances their life.

We have selected as part of our collection both furniture and sculptural pieces from Max's work.

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