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Rebecca Walklett

Rebecca Walklett is a skilled metalsmith and designer working from her studio in Cornwall.

In Cornwall, Rebecca Walklett handcrafts stunning copper and silver boxes, vessels, bowls and jewellery.

Rebecca has always sustained a passion for making things, even as a child. Her work focuses on colour and form, using a variety of techniques to achieve these aims such as raising, press forming, fabrication, etching and patination. Rebecca fell in love with patination while at college and has continuously tried new ways of colouring her exquisite metal pieces.

"I also enjoy raising, a way of developing forms from a flat piece of metal by hammering it over various shaped steel stakes. This is the process by which most of my bowls are made. Press forming is a way of forming metal in a mould to get repeatable shapes. Most of my boxes are made this way."

Rebecca's forms are either very classic so as to not distract from the colours and textures or are derived from her extended love affair with pebbles and all other sea worn artefacts as she lives and works by the sea in Cornwall. This can be seen in the circular and oval shaped boxes that Rebecca handcrafts as well as some of the patinated textures on the exterior of these exquisite boxes.

Author's Choice

Rebecca's gorgeous, small copper boxes are perfect for holding small cherished, family items and heirlooms such as engagement rings or a lock of baby's hair. Each box is beautifully unique due to their patinated exterior and recycled leather, suede or faux leather interior. The soft interior and gorgeous silver clasp keeps these treasured pieces safe and secure.

We adore that each of Rebecca's boxes are individual and love the variations in patination textures from the beautiful rusty oranges to verdigris blueish-green. We appreciate Rebecca using recycled materials for the interior and love that these stunning boxes can hide a treasured item discreetly.

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