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Porta Romana

Porta Romana is synonymous with beautiful design made to the highest standards across a range of home furnishings and accessories.

Porta Romana is particularly known for its specialist finishes, which are achieved through painstaking work and immense skill.

Each year’s new collection presents new technical challenges to their craftsmen. Achieving a particular surface finish faithfully, realistically and without any hint of the processes involved, is all part of the magic. Porta Roma has grown from its beginnings in a tiny workshop in London to one of the leading interiors brands in the world, its quirky and original products gracing the finest homes, hotels, yachts and movie sets.

The company values craftsmanship very highly, and works with talented craftspeople across a variety of disciplines. Learning the skills necessary to achieve a Porta Romana finish takes time, and the company starts all its new technicians as apprentices even though some may already be graduates and practicing artists.

Porta Romana lampshades are made to their own high specification, which they have named the Gold Standard. All the wirework is 4mm thick and powder coated, the extra rigidity helping to prevent kinks and allowing the shade to travel well. The stitched side seams are also hallmark feature of a Porta Romana shade. Special consideration during the design process is taken to the glow of the shade. The transparencies of Porta Romana’s lampshade linings are created purposefully to give the right glow when lit because every material, be it silk, velvet or satin, requires a different thickness.

In Porta Romana’s painting studio, known as ‘the workshop,’ simple metal, wood and composite is transformed and detailed to become one of their exquisite finished pieces. Over the years the company has created scores of new and elaborate techniques that includes 16 different shades of gold.

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We have enjoyed Porta Romana’s work for a long time, watching the business grow from strength to strength, and we have used their pieces in many interiors for private clients. The company's emphasis on hand-crafted work by their skilful craftspeople speaks volumes to us especially as it is all handcrafted here in Britain.

The Porta Romana studio achieves wonderful specialist finishes on its products from table lamps to console tables, wall lights to mirrors. We admire the ingenious, original ideas in each year’s new collection and always look forward to seeing the new products revealed as Porta Romana designs are always unique and exciting.

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