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Alexander Joseph

The team at Alexander Joseph create decorative cordless table lamps that have been designed by some of the UK’s finest artists and product designers.

After weeks of fruitless searching for cordless table lamps that weren't cheap entry level, novelty or garden varieties, the team at Alexander Joseph found a gap in the market for luxury cordless lamps.

With a background in developing new products, The Alexander Joseph team realised they could create something unique, and do it well. It became obvious after speaking to interior designers and retailers that demand for high end lamps to suit more discerning customers would work best. It quickly became apparent the obstacle to creating cordless table lamps had always been; battery life and desirability.

Alexander Joseph have developed a range of decorative cordless table lamps that have been designed by some of Britain's finest artists and product designers. The ceramic and glass bodies are all hand made by master craftsmen in small workshops. All the components come from British suppliers known to the company, with finishing and assembly undertaken by the Alexander Joseph team and so they can claim that their cordless lamps are 100% British which is a claim they are very proud of and should be.

They have designed their own battery cells and electronics, solving battery life issues found in all other cordless lamps. The team use the very latest in high density lithium ion batteries with a specially made vintage style LED bulb. The technology is deliberately discrete but delivers unparalleled endurance of over 52 hours before recharging is needed. In addition to their permanent range of cordless lamps, from time to time Alexander Joseph produce spectacular ‘one off’ designs and commissions.

Author's Choice

The technology the Alexander Joseph team have developed to create a long lasting battery for these cordless lamps and simple, easy to use switch mechanisms are simply amazing which is no wonder why they are the top choice for luxury yachts, boutique hotels and interior designers. We love the bespoke and customisable nature of Alexander Joseph's gorgeous lamps with a variety of colours to choose from for bases, bodies and lampshades. They are such a functional and practical design and yet they do not scrimp on quality or style.

The Alexander Joseph team uphold a full 100% British manufacturing promise to their pieces which we appreciate immensely. You will love knowing that the beautiful glass of your lamp was hand-blown by a master craftsman in Britain every time you switch it on. These stunning cordless lamps are the finest example of innovation and high-quality in British design and craftsmanship.

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