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Harcourt London

Award-winning architectural and interior leatherworkers, Harcourt London.

Using the finest natural materials, Harcourt London produce the most beautifully designed, leather interior furnishings.

Founded in 2002, Harcourt London's artisanal ethos was seen as a rebel force to begin with. At a time when everyone was looking to expand using technology or outsourcing manufacture cheaply abroad, they remained true to their London roots and skills in human craft. There is now a global shift towards this artisanal expertise and a demand for high quality, British designed and made pieces.

Whilst they understand the commercial logic of manufacturing outside of London, the team feel proud to be an integral part of the capital's creative community. Collaboration is something they are passionate about and producing in London allows them to be in a 5 mile radius of the amazing coterie of designers that they work with. The team feel that this physical accessibility humanises their process in an increasingly faceless world of manufacture. Face to face conversations is something they find more inspiring and they encourage clients to visit their workshop to see the wonderful work that they do.

Harcourt have embraced technological innovation and their workshop sees laser technology sharing space with traditional leather working tools. This duality allows them to use the best of both worlds to create the highest quality and sumptuous designs. The properties of the exquisite leather they work with makes it a durable and beautiful material to use and the team create such inventive and intricate pieces such as their Braided Pull Handles and leather wrapped Port Side Mirrors. They use the traditional, British, leather-making craft to create exceptional, contemporary designs such as modular walls, leather bicycles and handrails, challenging the pre-conceptions of how leather can be used within interior spaces. They also give simple, everyday items that much needed touch of elegance and luxury.

Author's Choice

We love Harcourt's drive to keep all their manufacture in Britain's capital. The company has been able to embrace the innovative use of technology to their advantage without compromising on their artisanal ethos which is something we adore.

The quality and intricate detailing of their pieces such as the braided leather on their Pull Handles and the wrapped suede or leather on their Port Side Mirrors is just incredibly beautiful and displays their passion for working with leather and using it to all its stunning capabilities. There use of leather in unexpected places in interiors is unique and creative, always adding a wonderful touch of sophistication to any room.

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