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Julia Clare Sagias

Julia Clare Sagias is a Scottish artist and designer who creates beautiful, mood-enhancing wallpapers from her Glasgow-based studio.

"Design is so important to our overall sense of wellbeing and wallpaper has the ability to envelop an entire space in a mood, concept, colour or texture." - Julia Clare Sagias

Scottish artist and designer, Julia Clare Sagias, has always had a passion for design from a young age: "I was always interested in interior design and adapting my space, even if it was just my bedroom. I remember painting it several times in different schemes to suit my mood. I would paint artwork on my furniture and murals on my wall. I made jewellery, spending every weekend at the art store buying materials. I loved painting and drawing, and listening to music."

It was this passion that led Julia to focus on art and design in school, leading to an undergraduate degree in History of Art and a master's degree in Interior Design from The Glasgow School of Art of which Julia graduated with distinction. Starting her business in upcycling and hand painting furniture and wall murals, Julia expanded into surface design for walls and textiles, leading to her beautiful collection of wallpapers that we are delighted to feature.

Author's Choice

Julia's background and interest in art history can be seen in her wallpaper designs as many feature characteristics of architecture and antiquity, giving these classical elements a contemporary feel. Julia's designs also explore natural motifs and textures from the celestial to the geological. All of these designs are mindful of creating mood-enhancing atmospheres for a space which we adore. This can be seen through choice of colour palette, from muted and tranquil greys to comforting, earthy taupes and rich dark blues. Julia's wallpapers create feeling of calm, allowing you to make a meaningful connection with the space which is what design is all about.

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