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Louise Forbes

Louise Forbes is a designer, woodcarver and gallery owner based in Dundee and Perth.

Louise Forbes designs and makes beautiful hand made spoons and wooden platter boards.

After graduating from college Louise formed the TWIG (Two Witty Intelligent Girls) partnership with designer Susan Younger, designing and making furniture and lighting.

Since 2012, Louise has been jointly running a gallery in Perth with a friend and jewellery maker and today she divides her time between her workshop and the gallery.

In common with many of our designer-makers, Louise felt the calling as a child, inspired by her architect father. Her love of the outdoors, building and creating from natural materials, was the beginning of a lifelong passion for wood as a medium. Louise loves the unique nature of each piece of wood, especially the way the grain changes and warps as it is carved.

She not only makes spoons and platter boards but also makes lovely wooden lapel 'man pins' which work nicely for any formal or casual occasion.

Author's Choice

Louise’s simply carved wooden spoons appeal on a primal level to our inner Celt. Form meets function and yet these are objects of beauty.

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