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Kieran Mithani

Kieran Mithani is a leading exponent of beautifully hand-crafted items made to the highest quality of materials, standards and detail.


Kieran Mithani's passion for designing and making high-quality items along with his minute attention to detail is the driving force behind his brand, Lanyap.

The idea for Kieran's pieces started a few years ago, when around Christmas time, he was learning a few basic knitting stitches during the holidays. He started to see the qualities and potential of the hand-made process and began to explore materials and manufacturing processes. He began by developing a small number of thick cashmere pieces using highest quality Scottish spun cashmere, handmade in Scotland. He took this mixture of traditional handwork and a classic yet contemporary design style forward into leather, another beautiful and timeless natural material. His business was created with a focus on valuing how a product is made as much as how beautiful it is, creating a niche quality driven brand making luxury items in limited numbers.

Having studied engineering at university which gave him a solid and structural sense of design, he later worked in digital design, film and animation. Looking to combine these skills when researching his brand concept, this maker took a course in England which introduced him to traditional saddlery techniques. He then went on to train in Switzerland, learning the techniques of fine leatherwork from a master craftsman.

Creating detailed and bold ideas and then reducing them down is how he describes his design process. Making something more special than a mass-produced item became the most interesting part to him of the whole process. “The idea of making things and making them well with an attention to detail is important for me,” he states. So much so that he sources his materials from renowned establishments who have a rich heritage in their craft from yarn spinners to tanneries. His focus on quality and the ability to make items with longevity is plain to see through each hand stitch and tiny attention to detail.

Author's Choice

Kieran's desire and enthusiasm to produce high-quality made items rings so true with AUTHOR's ethos. By denying the vagaries of mass production, we ask people to think about what they buy and consume and to expect more from it in quality and detail which is exactly what this maker does and represents. He is purely driven by quality and craftsmanship, from where materials are sourced to what machine is used in the making process, to what particular stitching is used when hand-finishing a particular item.

We especially love Kieran's leather napkin ring holders that have been finished with beautiful stitching. We love everything about this perfectly simple design from the contrast leathers used for the lining and the outer skin to the nickel plated stud that opens with ease.

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